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Flocking Kiwis: Alaister Moughan

Wednesday 17th June 2015

Flocking Kiwis is a four episode series which takes a look at how young New Zealanders transition into life in The Big Apple.

New Zealanders have always flocked to London like moths to a post-colonial flame, but since the introduction of the J1 graduate visa, the floodgates have opened for young Kiwis to take a crack at the United States.

Alaister Moughan grew up in Hastings but dreamed of living in Auckland. After completing a law degree at Auckland University, he went on to be accepted to the bar and work as a contract lawyer. However, underneath the fulfilment of living in New Zealand’s business lunch capital, Alaister realised he didn’t love the prospect of a lifetime of law. 

What he did love was music, spending the majority of his spare time researching new sounds in an industry that was forced to reinvent itself. He decided to enter the business side of the music world, enrolling in a New York University programme specialising in the music industry.

Josh Burgess talks with Alaister about how academic institutions differ in the United States and about what life is like as a student in one of the most demanding and distracting cities in the world. 

WATCH: Episode 1Episode 3  and Episode 4 of Flocking Kiwis

Video shot and edited by Julian Vares.

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