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34 tracks of critical thought.

Emma Harcourt

Be glad that birth control has moved on from the 1870s.

Katie Parker

We talk to Maha Albadrawi and Lucy Zee, the brains behind TVNZ’s new web-series So This Happened, about why women’s stories need to be told.

Mandy Te, Katie Parker

Facebook images have students concerned about the group's motives.

Teresa Cowie

Three experiences of being a gender-questioning kid.

Laura Keown

We wouldn't be the first to do it either.

Mohamed Hassan

The biggest victims of Islamophobic attacks are increasingly young Muslim women, so it’s no surprise they’re now leading the movements against Trump and others.

Photographer Chris Corson-Scott shares what these locations say about our environment.

A thousand Aucklanders hit Aotea Square this week to protest against racism, hate and Donald Trump. We sent Lucy Zee.

Mava Enoka

There needs to be a serious discussion about male privilege, says a Waikato University professor.

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