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Sarah Wilson

Dr Richard Doehring bought $300 worth of hookworm larvae off the internet then let them burrow through his skin. Sarah Wilson finds out why.

Max Towle

They’re poor and scarred by drug use, but tiny East Coast communities are pouring their savings into a plan to grow medicinal marijuana.

Katie May Ruscoe

Max Towle

Tech agencies fear fake videos could be used to blackmail and ridicule powerful people and even alter the course of elections.

Max Towle

A woman says she was propositioned by an Uber driver, then left to walk home after spurning him.

Susan Strongman

Do you text and drive?

Susan Strongman

For a work in which he collaborated with the partner of a US police shooting victim.

Max Towle

And it wants to completely review its model of care.

Baz Macdonald

The closure of in a sex trafficking bust has had unexpected consequences in New Zealand.

Reweti Kohere

But do their grades paint the full picture?

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