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Max Towle

For six years, the towering Gordon Wilson Flats have sat empty and decaying, as its owner has fought to demolish the heritage-listed building. Now it hopes it can end the impasse by capturing the building in virtual reality before knocking it down. Max Towle reports.

Susan Strongman

At 21, David Cerven was shot dead by police in what many assumed was 'suicide by cop'. Susan Strongman traces his story of love, debt and despair all the way from Slovakia to the Auckland park where he died.

Maunga Waitakere supplies drinking water to the wider region, and drives significant tourism value through its iconic scenery. With some Pākehā showing confusion over the recently established rāhui, now is the time to discuss the wider cultural life of the region.

Susan Strongman

Grisly attacks and brutal murders convinced New Zealand that criminals should be locked up for longer. Now, with jails bursting at the seams, the government wants to slash prisoner numbers. Will Kiwis panic, or get behind the changes? Susan Strongman reports.

Aimie Cronin

They're thought of as the scourge of the internet, but Aimie Cronin finds trolls aren't always dangerous and, in fact, can sometimes be helpful.

Kate Newton

Max Towle

A weightlifter is the butt of online jokes. A cyclist faces a slew of criticism. A fighter prepares to hide who he is. Max Towle meets the transgender Kiwis suffering for their sport.

Charlotte Graham-McLay

Bonnie Sumner

Susan Strongman

While Youthline and Lifeline struggle to stay afloat, leaving calls for help unanswered, the government is funding a brand new helpline.

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