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Rebecca Kamm

Animals to the rescue.

Lucy Smith

Students write a script to encourage people who self-harm to reach out.

The chief executive of the Mental Health Foundation on the "inarguable" link between suicide reporting and increased suicidal behaviour.

What happens when the invisible cord between a mother and her newborn turns into a barrier to the outside world? Holly Walker shares her experience with postnatal anxiety.

Jess McAllen

Journalist Jess McAllen writes about the challenges she faced during her investigation and the reaction to her stories for #MentalHealthMatters.

Ellen Falconer , Mava Enoka

In need of a pocket counsellor? Ellen Falconer and Mava Moayyed take a look at the burgeoning industry for mental health apps.

A story about life with borderline personality disorder.

It sounds crazy, but I thought if I wasn’t clean I’d probably get sick and then die.

Mava Enoka

New Zealand’s suicide reporting laws are among the strictest in the world. Journalism lecturer Dr James Hollings explains why that is and why he thinks that should change.

Mava Enoka, Lukas Nguyen

Too many people take their life each year in New Zealand. Here’s a breakdown of the numbers that paint a sobering picture of a crucial social issue.

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