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Susan Strongman

We talk to Professor Devon Polaschek about what makes a psychopath.

Susan Strongman

Former Greens MP Holly Walker on her memoir, The Whole Intimate Mess.

Sarah Murphy

Feeling emotionally overwhelmed? It could be time to delete a few apps.

Lucy McSweeney

Lucy McSweeney is campaigning for better mental health education in schools. She gives her verdict on 13 Reasons Why.

Expect a decision on how it’s classified next week.

Yadana Saw

i.e. crazy on her brand of annoying and surprising musical performance.

"Irresponsible, unsafe, and unethical" - that's how the Mental Health Foundation is describing the Netflix series.

Mava Enoka

A recent study shows the suicide rate among young Kiwi men is double that of young Australian men. One mental health activist says radical changes are needed to bring it down.

Jess McAllen

New Zealand's suicide rate spiked again last year and those on the frontline - parents, friends and health workers - say more help is needed to prevent deaths.

Are your hangovers arriving accompanied by crippling fear? Congrats, you might be suffering from "hangxiety".

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