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Frothy potatoes.

Baz Macdonald

Trixie takes some time out of her busy schedule to chat with Baz Macdonald about life as a Drag Race star.

Baz Macdonald

'I didn’t realise that there could be so much power in femininity, when I had spent my whole life feeling degraded by it.'

Baz Macdonald

'The art of drag kings is just as transformative, artistic and entertaining as drag queens. Absolutely. But often that is not respected or recognised.'

Baz Macdonald

Drag has long been a part of underground culture in Aotearoa, but the recent success of a reality TV show has propelled it into the mainstream.

Yadana Saw

Grace Jones and Beck turned up (albeit late) and delivered, but was the crowd spoilt with too much choice?

Fake ass friends, food and corny jokes.

Max Towle

Cameron McLeod’s “Toxic Mas” show is part of the Auckland Fringe Festival.

Susan Strongman

You're welcome.

Ellen Falconer

These two men in wigs are *definitely* the foremost experts on female friendship.

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