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We asked people at party spots around the country to reflect on the best and worst of 2016 – and what they’re hoping for from 2017.

The main idea was simple: Make an archetypal rock record, but with a personal touch.

Susan Strongman

We pay our respects.

Katie Parker

Passengers is the new sci-fi blockbuster with a twist but, writes Katie Parker, it’s not as advertised.

Tinder dates, youths and many, many Santas. So lit.

A new breed of drag performers is emerging in Wellington’s LGBTQ nightlife.

Katie Parker, Alex Behan

The legendary music venue has been sold. We asked some of its most devoted punters to look back on their best and craziest Kings Arms experiences.

Kate Robertson

Going from mall music competitions to half-a-million Spotify plays, Nakita is on the road to fame.

This week: a deadly drug war, the last John Doe, and the attorney fighting revenge porn.

Kirsten Johnstone

In the depths of Upper Hutt, no-one can hear the screams.

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