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We asked a few choice NZers what they'll be listening to this weekend and assembled this playlist for your listening pleasure.

Songstress Erny Belle makes no bones about relocating in order to reclaim control of her creativity.

Susan Strongman

Her works combine scientific classifications with New Zealand plants and animals’ place in te ao Māori.

Max Towle

Naomi Werrett used to be so self-conscious she refused to be photographed, now she does nude photo shoots to encourage body confidence.

The man who forgot he was a rap legend; the anonymous meetings for racists looking to reform; the rumours that warned women about Harvey Weinstein; and much more.

Louise Wallace

Poets Onehou Strickland and Zechariah Soakai on the Great War and the Māori and Pasifika soldiers who fought for an empire far from home.

Katie Parker

Sean Plunket's clever joke; Dom Bowden's quest for love; the NZ Bird of the Year voter fraud scandal; and more!

Katie Parker, Hussein Moses

With a co-sign from David Dallas and a promising debut single, Abdul Kay is a name you need to know.

"We've been here since the 50's back when an islander house in Grey Lynn was normal."

Erin Kavanagh-Hall

Wellington publishing company and writers' collective The Fairytale Factory boasts 16 "You Say Which Way" titles.

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