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Darren Aronofsky's take on Mother!, the healing power of music, the phenomenon of Fiona the famous Hippo and much, much more.

Katie Parker

KJ Apa's car crash, Lena Dunham's love for the Real Housewives of Auckland, the Jacinda painting that could be yours and much more.

Indi, aka Indira Force, gives a track-by-track breakdown of her new album.

This R&B songstress/producer has a forecast for women in the music industry.

Katie Parker, Hussein Moses

In these trying times, political music feels like it would be more vital than ever - so where is it? Has political engagement in music disappeared? Or is something else going on?

The personal impact of climate change, inside the synthetic cannabis crisis, St Vincent tells all, and much more in our roundup of the best feature stories from around the web.

Katie Parker

Topsy turvy polls, Lorde's new remix, Max Key's snazzy merch and more: all in another roundup of the news you can use.

Bridget Reweti

How te reo provides layered access to appreciating art.

Katie Parker, Hussein Moses

It’s not too often that a reality TV talent show contestant is able to shake off the cringe factor, but MAALA seems to have made the leap.

Kahu Kutia

Angela Wanhalla is disrupting the narrative of our colonial history.

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