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Katie Parker, Hussein Moses

With a newly released album, has the Ferndale Strangler left his throttling days behind him?

Katie Parker

Superhero origins and kick-butt girl power are two of the tiredest tropes in cinema. Wonder Woman is here to bring them back to life.

Anthonie Tonnon

Communities hushed.

Toby Morris

Eighty-seven native New Zealand species have become extinct. Who's next?

Katie Parker, Andrew Parker

As everyone's favourite never-ending soap celebrates its 25th anniversary, two patriots take a trip down memory lane.

Sarah Illingworth lives five minutes walk from Manchester Arena. She shares her experience of the attack.

Max Towle

The cult series is back. Is it any good?

Katie Parker

She is neither plaintiff nor defendant in the current Colin Craig trial - so why can’t the media leave his former press secretary alone?

Max Towle

For every Westworld, there’s a Taken. The Departed and Snowpiercer are next.

Katie Parker

According to his new song - maybe!

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