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Talking with Granddad

Monday 14th April 2014

As long as human beings have been creating, there has been literature, music and comedy that has mined the rich vein of family. And no matter how dysfunctional, weird, or shocking the story, there’s always a member of the audience who can relate. Even the bizarre family horror story of Oedipus has found its way into common psychological parlance. 

In this interview with Radio New Zealand producer Charlotte Graham, Sheffield-born and multi-award-winning comedian Tom Wrigglesworth talks about creating stand-up comedy about his relationship with his granddad. The conversations they had together form the basis of his latest show, Utterly at Odds with the Universe, which he’ll perform as part of the New Zealand International Comedy Festival in Auckland and Wellington in May.

Picture of comedian Tom Wrigglesworth
Comedian Tom Wrigglesworth

Andy Hollingsworth

Listen to the full the interview, which explores Tom’s other show involving his family, more revelations about his granddad, and a discussion of his accidental elevation to consumer rights superhero following a misunderstanding on a train.

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