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Lena Hesselgrave

Is the ride-sharing service Uber the way forward for transport, unfair competition for taxis, or unsafe for passengers?

Julia Hollingsworth

Is that love in the air for Julia Hollingsworth at New Zealand's first pheromone party? Or is it just Lynx?

Hamish Parkinson

For New Zealand performers, the Edinburgh Festival Fringe is capable of launching careers and crushing spirits.

John Bollen

Dunedin is a convenient city for walking, but it's not without risks along the way.

Megan Whelan

Does confusing health and safety regulation mean workers can't see the forest for the trees?

Elle Hunt

Friends don’t stop friends drink and driving for fear of creating an awkward moment. So how do you market a product that no one wants to buy?

Elle Hunt

The more entry points there are into feminism, the faster we'll end rape culture, writes Elle Hunt.

Sriram Narayanan

Sriram Narayanan gave up a life of fast cars, travel and comfort in India to move to NZ.

Julian Vares

T’Nealle Joie thinks Christchurch is a perfect city for cycling. Videographer Julian Vares tagged along for her ride home.

Doug Brooks

The Late Late Bus in Nelson can get quite rowdy. Doug Brooks takes a late night trip.

Elle Hunt

Women weigh up potential risks to their safety every day. But in doing so, are we upholding rape culture?

Doug Brooks

Actor Isaac Thomas says improv theatre can be "pretty gut-wrenching sometimes".

Jackson Wood

Huffing can get a person high within seconds. It can also kill them.

Kickboxer Joe "Soufpaw" Hopkins says when he gets into the ring he's in his "happy place".

Megan Whelan

What's involved in getting an STI check? In TMI news, Megan Whelan finds out.

Johnny Blades

Guns, crime, rape and corruption: Papua New Guinea's capital is a city teetering on the edge. Johnny Blades reports.

Jackson Wood

It's not like we don't know what the risks of unprotected sex are. So why are we taking them?

Jack Barlow

Motorsport’s always been about the thrills, the chills and the spills. With improvements in safety and tech, it’s now as dangerous as crossing a busy street.

Sam Brooks

Sam Brooks confronts the bane of his life – speaking with a stutter he just can't shake.

Alice Harbourne

With a 50-50 chance of having inherited Huntington's disease, Alice Harbourne is faced with the choice of playing it safe or living life on speed.

Jackson Wood

Talking about the game of life while risking all for world domination.

Elle Hunt

New Zealand journalist Emma Beals knows risk; she’s weighed them every day for the past two years she’s been covering the war in Syria.

Megan Whelan

Critics of the Government's new measures to prevent family violence won't help the majority of victims, but some say it's worth a try.

Lance Cash

While doing volunteer work in the Solomon Is, Lance Cash found himself in the aftermath of a natural disaster with simmering tensions threatening to ignite into violence.

Megan Whelan

An animation, a social experiment and a compliment generator to address cyber-bullying.

Scarlett Cayford

Scarlett Cayford counts herself among the many educated but directionless Westerners who have taken a step into the unknown with the JET programme.

Ben Guerin’s weekly rent payment may provide him a bedroom, but it doesn't provide him peace of mind.

Marcus Stickley

Every major decision we make is based on what we might win or lose. What’s the biggest risk you’ve ever taken?