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Just call him Sid

Tuesday 10th June 2014

Sidney Diamond has given up on calling himself Young Sid for two reasons. One: He’s growing up. And two: He realised his real name is actually pretty cool.

At 27, Sid’s becoming his own man. He’s got a baby on the way, businesses in the making and he’s back creating his own music.

Four years on from Diamond’s last solo release, he’s released Cohibas & Cuba Libres, a seven-track EP put together after a trip to Cuba and Mexico with some friends from high school.

They were there to celebrate a wedding, but the trip took a creative turn and the crew ended up deciding to work together under the name “Crafty Fuxers”, Diamond says.

“They got all this creativity man, it's crazy, everyone's on.”

The crew are now designing clothing and websites, and shot the video for Sid’s single ‘Speaker’s Blown’ on the trip.

Diamond also has his own business, the record label Diamond District, and running his own operation has meant hustling to get his music out to the public.

Sometimes CDs ordered through his Facebook come to fans hand-delivered. “I show up at their house and they're surprised, like, 'I didn't think you'd come to my house,’” he says.

“It's not in stores or anything, I'm just slanging them out of my backpack like tinnies,” he says.

“I just want my music out there.”

*Cohibas & Cuba Libres can be ordered by messaging Sid Diamond on Facebook. He has a new album, Diamond District, due out in September. 

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