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Hip hop: A culture for the cultureless

Monday 30th June 2014

Dujon Cullingford, 26, is a champion bboy, DJ, teacher, husband and expecting father. The eldest of four kids from a staunch Christian family, his dad is Jamaican and his mum is white. He grew up in Hamilton, in a place called St Andrews.

Dujon is also a perfect example of why hip hop is so powerful. 

I’ve known Dujon since 2001. The first time that I saw him we were both the same age and we actually battled each other in the mall in Hamilton.

He used to be a hood kid, but through hip hop he’s travelled the world, visiting places like Bhutan, Nepal, India, USA, Singapore and Australia. He’s even judged the bboy Battle of the Year in Zimbabwe.

Hip hop creates a will to succeed despite circumstance, and it’s given Dujon a super strong foundation for the rest of his life. 

* Haden Gilgen is a DJ, producer, bboy and film maker who goes by the name Spell.

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