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Video Community Living Alok D'Hondt has lived at Nelson's Riverside community since he was five, and says his home isn't just hippies. Feature On the road again When your home has wheels, the only limits are the rules of the road. Comment Not plain sailing, but a "solid adventure" Tired of spending rent on tiny rooms with nothing to show for it, Luke de Villiers lived on a yacht while he finished off his degree. Feature On the family farm Life on the family farm, with cattle, sheep, and drinking with the boys. Feature Airport stories Christmas Eve at the airport. First circle of hell, or genuine excitement? Feature Home when you have no home The problem of youth homelessness is "bigger than a lot of people imagine". Feature Finding a home online When your home is online, including drunken selfies, and John from development. Feature Running the Chateau “This is never going to be a family-friendly house; we just don’t want long-term respiratory illness from living here.” Gallery More than a bit of a laugh For some students, it’s not just having a roof over your head, but about creating a home with a personality. Feature Off to the soirée Emily Thyberg talks about learning new words, baguettes and jamming with the locals in south-west France. Feature Basics of living in Sierra Leone Aid worker Annisha Vasutavan wakes up every morning in Sierra Leone not knowing what to expect. Feature Upside down in the concrete jungle Making a life in New York is not easy and it’s this instability that draws together New Zealanders who’ve made the city their home. Feature Surfing couches in the USA There's a lot of stereotypes about Americans, and Rowan Barrie was drawn to seeing if there was any truth to them. Feature Cashing in pounds While most Kiwis start off their OE in London, Jared Edwards opted for the ancient buildings, icy winters and whisky of Scotland. Feature When the work's done Rory Harnden found that in Japan the serious side of work life is stripped away on Friday night. Feature Where everyone fits in New Zealanders are drawn to Berlin by cheap rent, creative freedom and easy access to the rest of Europe. Feature In Brazil, life's a beach Olivia Coote says she loves living in Brazil so much that she thinks she must have been from there in a past life. Feature A different class Wellingtonian Beth Tillier, 29, put her social life on hold – and her sanity – to care for some elderly aristocrats. Feature Just another trashy Kiwi Stacey Knott moved to London with the best intentions of avoiding other Kiwis, but found that to be almost impossible. Comment Away from home Many Kiwis leave searching for adventure, only to find themselves amongst mates from back home. Feature Orphans, rice and tea Lex Edmonds says in Nepal he's learning to live everyday like it could be his last. Feature Ties to the Holy Land Tali Vidal spent much of this year in Israel, trying to figure out Hebrew, and why her relatives prayed so much. Comment A grain of truth No one talks about racism here, and that perpetuates the myth that it doesn’t exist, writes Sonia Sly. Feature A smaller scale of life Passing up the bright lights of the big city for home comforts. Comment Back with the parents What it's like to move back in with mum and dad. Video Kiwi, if you want to be Mothla Majeed has lived in New Zealand for 20 years, but she gets asked every day where she's from. Feature A place to settle down Jessica Ducey has wandered all over the world. In Wellington, she's found home. Feature Connecting cultures Connecting indigenous cultures: Mexican and Māori. Feature Finding turangawaewae Urban Māori often don't know their whakapapa – or even their iwi, says Sarah Babbington. Feature Typecasting Kiwis For years, advertising on the small screen has taken a punt at defining New Zealand identity. Feature A different way of talking Of all she left behind in Germany, Judith Turner misses the bread the most. That, and her friends and family. Feature A place she's never been Ginah Vakaheketaha-Nelisi calls herself Niuean, though she's never visited the island. Feature Not a geisha, nor a geek How do you find your place in the world when you have no one to look to? Comment Are you at home? Where's home, and are you welcome there? Feature Building up, not out An environmentally-friendly response to the housing crisis. Feature Want to buy a home? Sam Smith started saving for his first home when he was still at uni. Feature Opting out of the Kiwi dream Is the dream of your own home on a quarter-acre section becoming an unattainable reality? Feature A game of give and take Feature A stepping stone Feature An unattainable dream Buying a home seems almost impossible for two Wellingtonians, a child, and their cats. Video Grey Lynn memories Poet and rapper Dominic Hoey writes about the Grey Lynn before it had million-dollar homes, and talks to friends and family about their memories. Feature No mucking around Duchesne Markham didn't expect to own her own home by the end of the year. Feature Rent, or buy? On paper, you might spend less on a mortgage than you do on rent, but there are other factors to consider. Feature What Katie did We ask young home owners how they got their first foot on the property ladder. Feature A home of your own? With house prices at an all-time high while incomes stall, just how easy is it to buy your first home?