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Video Holding court with Elijah Obade In light of a successful 2014 season so far The Wireless talks to American, Saints import, Elijah Obade about how he's settling into Kiwiland. Comment Anxiety mixtape: A lesson in empathy Eamonn Marra's mix of some NZ tunes and instructions in an attempt to invoke the feeling of an anxiety attack. Comment Dinner for one isn't that bad Georgia Rippin says she eats alone and prefers it like that; family time for her is spent doing other activities. Video A Little Faith: Meet the 'Nons' In the fourth episode, we explore the growing group who describe themselves as non-religious. Feature Photo essay: Playing in numbers Clubs activities outside of work or school are a good way to get to know people you wouldn't meet otherwise. Feature Creating a refuge from violence Saziah Bashir talks to the women who run Shakti, an organisation helping migrant and refugee survivors of domestic violence. Video Hinduism In the third episode, Ankit Patel talks about being a young Hindu in New Zealand. Comment 'A decade on, the ache is still there' Ten years on, Tobias Brockie still feels guilt and sorrow towards the friend he lost to suicide. Feature Saving lives is part of the job Two medical students detail their journey to becoming surgeons. Video A Little Faith: At the gurdwara In the second episode, we visit a gurdwara, a Sikh place of worship, in Papatoetoe. Feature Whispering in a crowd Around a third of New Zealanders will suffer from some kind mental ill-health. We speak to some of them. Video Are you suffering from art anxiety? Jason Maling explores “art anxiety” and attempts to treat cultural malaise at City Gallery Wellington. Comment God and science: Choosing to believe Verity Johnson on her own beliefs. Comment 'I'm gay': One woman's coming out story Not everyone's coming out story will be a Creed-lunging-on-a-clifftop-with-arms-wide-open one. Here's Laura Vincent's. Video A Little Faith: Looking to Mecca In the first episode, in A Little Faith, we talk to Hisham Zaoui, 28, about Islam. Comment The girl who played with fire Elle Hunt downloaded Tinder in the interests of journalism. That's her story, and she's sticking to it. Feature Tinder: No spark without matches The mobile dating app Tinder bills itself as being "like real life, but better". Comment Romance in the digital age Forget the old-fashioned romantic script – technology is changing the dating map, writes Morgan Godfery. Comment A liquid food lifestyle Lara Jones discovers the wonders of having a good blender while having “adult braces”. Comment A trip to the slaughterhouse Curious as to how his meat gets made, former vegetarian Hamish Parkinson takes a trip to the slaughterhouse. Video Eating rare at Cazador An Auckland couple are hoping to change the popular perception of offal. Feature Meat the future New Zealand punches above its weight in terms of global meat consumption. But if we don't change our habits soon, we risk running out of it altogether. Feature From Ōtepoti to the world Geographical isolation has long been a hallmark of the "Dunedin sound", but what does that mean in the digital age? Comment Homeopathy: Searching for a remedy Di White looks into homoeopathic remedies and those who use them. Feature Not part of the script: Prescription drug abuse in NZ Prescription drug abuse in New Zealand. Comment Hey, Cliché Guevara! Hilary Beattie returns to New Zealand after a month overseas empty-handed of insight. Turns out Eat, Pray, Love isn't instructional. Feature Dieting fads, or healthy eating? Natalie Mankelow asks, are we healthier if we eat dairy-free or gluten-free? Feature When you least expect it Comment Things you lose, things you gain In halving his size in less than a year, Sebastian Boyle discovered that losing weight presented its own set of problems. Comment What works and what doesn't Your job can take an enormous toll on your mental health, writes Eamonn Marra, who suffers from anxiety and severe depressive episodes.