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Talking about the youth vote

Sunday 7th September 2014

Politicians want their vote, officials want them to turn up, and activists want to influence them. So why are a quarter of all people under 30 who are eligible to vote not enrolled – two weeks out from the election? 

The Wireless producers Elle Hunt and Megan Whelan worked with Radio New Zealand Insight to put together a documentary asking this question, and what it means for our democracy. 

Then, they were behind the scenes helping out as Wallace Chapman spoke to six young candidates in this election. They discussed political heroes, the voting age, tertiary education, minimum wage, climate change and alcohol in a fast-moving panel discussion. 

You can find all our election coverage here, and information on enrolling to vote here

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Elle Hunt was a founding producer for The Wireless. She is a former Dominion Post reporter and Salient magazine editor.
Megan is a former senior producer for The Wireless. She has worked in Radio New Zealand News, Sport, and Radio New Zealand International, has an extensive library of animated gifs, and spends too much time on the internet.
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