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Comment Louise McNally: Learn now, vote later Louise McNally, 16, of Strathallan ACG College in Karaka, wrote this winning entry in the triennial essay competition run by the Former MPs Association.. Video How to get out the vote? Not knowing, not understanding and not caring are some of the reasons people opt not to vote. Is it possible to change the trend? Feature An audacious election A look back at the bold, the brash and the brazen from the election campaign. Feature #twvote: Election night Sass, animated GIFs and up-to-date results: Elle Hunt and Megan Whelan live blog the election results. Feature Leaders answer GCSB questions Party leaders are asked what they'd do with the GCSB if they're elected Prime Minister. Video Down to the wire Just over a day left of this year's extraordinary election campaign. Have you been convinced? Comment Most valuable vote in NZ No matter who you are, or where you're from, all party votes are equal in this election. Video Mass surveillance Is mass surveillance a violation of privacy or does it help keeps us safe? Views on the claims from Glenn Greenwald and Edward Snowden. Feature Who to believe? New Zealand's election takes a bizarre turn with the "White House's most loathed" taking the stage in Auckland. Feature Election Issues: Education What are the parties' policies on tertiary education. Video Cinder Just sign up and you're away. Here's the latest Choice Lolz from Poor Sailors. Feature The economy Whether politicians can deliver on their promises depends on how they manage the economy. Feature Out on the campaign trail Journalist Craig McCulloch reports back from an election campaign coloured by the surreal, the shocking and the unusual. Video Choice Lolz: The Internet From Poor Sailors, a new video about voting and taking matters into your own hands. Audio Getting out the youth The Wireless and Radio New Zealand team up to look at the decline in youth voter participation. Video Haves and have-nots Will discussion of inequality sway your vote in this month's general election? Feature Inequality Inequality is one of the most important election issues - and the most divisive. Video The Hotbox From Poor Sailors Arts Collective, a new series about voting in the election: it's not only a God-given right, but a mean buzz, too. Video Why Vote: Christchurch We ask people on the streets of Christchurch central if they're planning to vote - and what matters to them. Comment My world & The world Social media makes it easy to confuse our friends' views with those of the rest of the world. Easy, and kind of dangerous. Feature The next wave: The Civilian Party Ben Uffindell: "I swear to God, half the satire I write is not intentional from the outset." Comment Taking the Mickey out of the campaign Political satire doesn't need to be clever or elitist – but it should be funny, and hold those in power to account. Feature The next wave: The Internet Party Miriam Pierard was moved to stand after what she saw as the first non-token efforts to engage with young people this election. Video Spicing up the election campaign Alleged dodgy dealings in government have dominated the media this week. Feature Election Issues: Housing Building more homes, introducing a new tax... How would each political party make home ownership more accessible? Feature Election Issues: The environment What environmental issues might come up for debate in this year's election? Feature Question the politicians The Wireless teams up with Ask Away to answer your questions about the issues that matter in this year's election. Video Vox Pop: A stream of opinions The quality of New Zealand's rivers is shaping to be an election issue – what do you think? Feature A proportional response Six weeks out from the general election, how well do you understand Mixed Member Proportional voting? Video An electoral history of New Zealand How have New Zealand's electorates changed in the 158 years since the first parliament? Feature The next wave: Greens' Jack McDonald At the age of 21, the Greens' candidate for Te Tai Hauauru is halfway through his second election campaign. Audio Why Vote? The Wireless hosted a panel discussion looking at the value of your vote. Listen to the audio here. Feature Voting in NZ How we vote has changed a lot since the first parliamentary election in 1853. Even as late as 1951, Maori voted on a different day to pakeha. Feature The next wave: National's Todd Barclay National candidate and former big tobacco lobbyist Todd Barclay, 24, is considered a "shoo-in" for Bill English's Clutha-Southland seat. Feature The next wave: Labour's Arena Williams Being a young person today is not "like it was when John Key was 18", says Arena Williams, Labour's candidate for Hunua. Video Are you voting? The Wireless asks Wellingtonians if they're planning to vote in this year's election. Comment Finding our political mojo Matt Harnett reckons the internet might help turnaround the trend of declining voter turnout. Feature Making voting matter Efforts are afoot to get more young people to the polls on Election Day – is 130,000 more voters than 2011 achievable? Comment Sneaking in the message Comedian James Nokise doesn't like being lectured about politics, so he turned voting into a comedy show.