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NZ 2030: A panel discussion

Monday 3rd November 2014

This week, we’ll look at the challenges, changes and opportunities that lie ahead for New Zealand in the coming 15 years – and ask what conversations we should be having now to prepare for them.

What should we be doing to accommodate a disproportionately elderly population? Are our current superannuation settings sustainable? What does an increasingly diverse, global society mean for our perception of our national identity? How can we capitalise on growth in our urban centres – and slow the decline of the regions?

In a partnership with The Wireless, ActionStation’s Laura O’Connell-Rapira, Generation Zero’s Carlos Chambers and Nick Cross of the Young Nats appeared on Sunday Morning with Wallace Chapman to talk about where they’d like to see New Zealand in 15 years’ time. The panel discussed political engagement, the cost of superannuation, the kinds of cities young people want to base themselves in, and the recent outcome of the police investigation into the Roast Busters case.

Check out the full discussion, and the response it generated on social media.


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