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Comment Waiting for the end Retired scientist Dr John Robinson has spent the past 40 years researching a "perfect storm" that he believes will bring about a social breakdown around 2030. Video Move here. Please. In this presentation from Te Aotearoa Board of Immigration, 2030 Billy T Award winner Guy Montgomery invites you to move to New Zealand. Feature Uncertain future of work More ties with the rest of the world means more opportunities for New Zealand, but also more competition. Video Last woman standing Alarmed by reports that 'sitting is the new smoking', Elle Hunt gives a standing desk a go – and discovers core strength of steel in the process. (Not really.) Feature Adding to the melting pot In the future New Zealand will be more ethnically diverse, and that presents challenges and opportunities. Feature Picturing a nation We know that Auckland's population is growing, there are more people in the North Island than the south, some small towns are in decline. But what can a closer look tell us? Feature A tale of two NZs Is growth predicted in Auckland over the coming decades coming at the cost of the regions – and how much do we want to invest in keeping them alive? Gallery An ageing society Japan has one of the oldest populations in the world. New Zealand photographer Rachel Brandon, who lives in Toyama prefecture, shares her experience. Feature Silver tsunami At face value, the increasing cost of superannuation seems to encapsulate the inequality between the old and the young. But is the scheme really unaffordable? Feature What's the future? Statistics that show us where we've come from and where we're at prompt some big questions about where we're headed next. Gallery Welcome to NZ's future What might New Zealand look like in 2030? We take a tongue-in-cheek look in our crystal ball. Feature NZ 2030 In a collaboration with Sunday Morning, we asked our panel what kind of country they'd like their generation to inherit in 15 years' time. Video On the other side For some outsiders, Wainuiomata has a reputation for dullness, crime and poverty. We find out what life is like for 20-somethings living there. Feature The Wainui whanau Jamie Tahana reflects on the Wainuiomata he discovered while producing a documentary for The Wireless. Feature When a baby arrives Three first-time mothers – and a long-time nurse with Plunket - share their experiences. Video Should you go? The question of what to do after high school is an especially tough one for some Christchurch school leavers. Comment A view of the edge A cancer scare has given Kate Baker a new outlook on life, the health system and her friends and family. Feature Our colours The looming referendum on New Zealand's flag may open up a wider debate our national identity. Comment A portrait of a young man "As a child, I spent a great deal of my time pretending to be something other than what I was." One person's experience of transitioning. Feature In their own words Spencer Sharpe has the perfect response to the question "Are you a girl or a boy?". Comment Taking my wife's name Alex McKewen doesn't wear cardigans, doesn't consider himself a feminist and has never made a political statement. But he took his wife's last name. Video What would you change? No one claims the world is perfect. If you could change one thing in the world, what would it be? Feature Notes from a gentrifier In Oakland, Darian Woods is confronted by the same changes happening in communities in Auckland and Wellington, but on a more striking scale. Comment Why I left New Zealand Young New Zealanders scattered across the globe talk us through their decisions to move overseas. Comment Only losers left behind? The OE is a rite of passage for Kiwi 20-somethings. What happens when you're the only person in your social circle still here? Comment Coming home Returning home after a stint overseas can feel a lot like admitting defeat – but Claire Adamson made a new life in New Zealand. Feature Plugging the brain drain More than half a million New Zealanders live in Australia. How much better is life across the ditch? Video The milestones of change Chris Parker returns to Christchurch for his 24th birthday, and reflects on his home town's identity, as well as who he is in relation to it.