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This month on The Wireless: Change

Wednesday 1st October 2014

What’s the biggest change that’s happened in your life?

Illustration: Pinky Fang


Most of us will have moved cities. Many will have moved countries. We’ve probably already started and finished jobs. Had people close to us die. Others have seen the centre of a city we know and love destroyed and (partly) rebuilt.


New Zealand just had an election and while there’s been no change in the parties governing (even ACT, United Future and the Maori Party are likely back with the Nats) there are already signs of changes to come, including some that will give your boss more power when bargaining over work conditions.


Meanwhile, in Hong Kong there are protests that have Western media asking if we’re witnessing Tiananmen 2.0, 25 years on from the pro-democracy protests that where ended with a massacre. Will the result there be a different this time?


It’s more of the same, but everything has changed.


This month on The Wireless we’ll be exploring life-changing moments and decisions.


Di White writes about what keeps New Zealanders moving to Australia. She says for her Australia used to just be a big New Zealand “but full of snakes”. That changed after she started her career.


In a video by Julian Vares, Chris Parker visits his hometown, Christchurch and finds a city that slowly but surely being transformed. In coming weeks, we’ll talk to Christchurch school leavers who are having to weigh the decision to stay in a city still rebuilding or move on.


We’ll be looking in greater detail about the challenges and opportunities we can expect to face in a couple of decades’ time in a standalone multimedia project, running in the first week of November.


There will also be stories on sexual identity, becoming a parent and taking your partner’s name when you get married.


There are also going to be some changes in store for The Wireless about the time we hit our first birthday at the end of the month. We'll keep you posted. 


In the meantime, here's a little playlist we put together for the theme: