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Infographic: How a law is made

Monday 17th February 2014

Whether you like it or not, laws guide the way New Zealanders live their lives. But how does an idea that may have had its beginning on a political party conference floor, or on a public servant’s desk, become law?

In the lead up to the election this year, we'll be looking at different Parliamentary processes. Rather than presenting information that's text-heavy, we'll be reporting in ways that are designed for digital platforms. 

To start, we commissioned Wellington-based designer Meg Howie to illustrate the process of how laws are made in New Zealand.     

We're also keen to hear from you about what issues you care about and what you'd like to see us cover this election year. Send us an email at


For an audio guide of how laws are made, listent to this piece by Radio New Zealand political reporter Chris Bramwell: 


Lena is the Project Co-ordinator for The Wireless. Prior to joining Radio New Zealand and The Wireless, she worked in marketing as a video producer and campaign specialist. Lena trained as a classical pianist and loves Scandinavian crime dramas and well-tailored pants.