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Clocking up our first year

Friday 31st October 2014

A year ago today The Wireless went live.

Since then, we’ve published 2000 stories that have explored issues ranging from when to work for free to mental health. We met some hackers, got to know Wainuiomata a little better and live blogged election night, Big Day Out and Laneway.

We gave our perspective on Roast Busters and the banning of Odd Future.

There’s been a few laughs with Flat 3 and the Poor Sailors Arts Collective’s Choice Lolz and NZ Idle.

We have also featured some powerful and revealing personal stories from many of our contributors. Eamonn Mara opened up about his struggle with anxiety and depression. Pip Howells wrote about being left behind in an OE exodus. Eli Matthewson told us about growing Christian then giving up a religion. These are just a few stories among many that speak to the experience of being 20-something in New Zealand right now.

So far, more than 140 people have contributed their skills to making The Wireless what it is. At the core is a small team of passionate journalists who do their best every day and aim to do better the next.

And The Wireless is going to keep evolving. Over the next year expect to see more audio and video on the site. We’ve got a couple podcasts in the works and will be boosting the amount of video we commission.

As always, if you’ve got a great idea for a story please get in touch.


1. Baring my Bikini Body – Ally Garrett

2. The Pencilsword: Preaching to the converted – Toby Morris

3. Taking my wife’s last name – Alex McKewen

4. The Pencilsword: The most valuable vote in New Zealand  – Toby Morris

5. How a job affects mental health – Eamonn Marra

6. A grain of truth: Racism exists in New Zealand – Sonia Sly

7. A portrait of an artist as a young man – Sylvan Thomson

8. Just another trashy Kiwi in London – Stacey Knott

9. Tinder: No spark without matches – Elle Hunt

10. ‘Sometimes known as Lorde’ – Ally Garrett

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Marcus joined RNZ to set up The Wireless. Before that, he slugged away as the Night Editor for Stuff and booked punk shows.
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