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Electric Wire Hustle's ever-evolving sound

Thursday 18th September 2014

Electric Wire Hustle have just released Love Can Prevail, the follow-up to their 2009 eponymous debut.

Electric Wire Hustle are Mara TK and Taay Ninh.

In the United States, the album came out on Okayplayer, a label founded by Questlove from The Roots.

TK and Wright say it’s a privilege to be amongst their musical heroes on the label.

“I remember just recently at the Roots Picnic standing side of stage with some of Snoop Dogg’s family, you know they’re standing there like eating their chicken dinners and it was like a real family affair out backstage of that place and I just sort of felt like we had an induction day into sort of becoming a closer part of the music scene out there,” says TK.

The album encapsulates the changes the band has been through over the past five years, including the loss of their third founding member, Myele Manzanza.

The duo say ther writing is still kept very close, although they often mix band members depending on where they're playing. Love Can Prevail is a studio album that's still a bit of an experiment, in terms of the band's identity, but “some of the best music is unsure”, says TK. 

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