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Zoe cupcake

Radio New Zealand producer and resident baker; sports co-presenter at @WiSPodcast; musical theatre geek, feminist; wannabe comedian; shoe addict; fluffy cat owner.

She's a champion for equal rights (and media coverage) in sport; a cricket critic; chocolatier; cat owner; gluten free baker; global traveller; and an all-round good sport.

Content by Zoë

You can be tracked through your cat photo

After reading this, you might have second thoughts about what you post online.

Is bigger better?

New Zealand has a higher rate of obesity than you'd assume from its reputation as a sporty nation, writes Zoë George.

Once you’ve sold your soul…

Zoe George loves cricket, but she's not holding her breath that more match-fixing allegations won't come out.

Ditching 'pretty'

With the Commonwealth Games on the horizon, can we all agree to focus on the athletes' talent, not their looks, asks Zoe George.

A two way conversation

Our biological assignment impacts on how we are treated in society and in sport. Should we all not be treated equally?

(No) girls allowed

Opening up the conversation

Don’t be a spectator from hell

The blame game

An athletic feat

Sport reflects life

" Every match, meet, bout, game or whatever is struggle for success, to make it to the end having achieved victory."

My happy place

I’ve also heard arguments that it will change the wind – something the Basin Reserve is known for.

Sayonara to the Sevens

It seems the Sevens has turned into a reason to wear a tasteless costume while consuming copious amounts of the sponsors’ product...

Athletes, not "golden girls"

Why is it considered acceptable to ask a world-class athlete what guy she would date?

It's Not OK

Next time you are watching a game, have a listen to the crowd when fists start to fly.

Short changed

I’ve heard many reasons why women shouldn’t receive the same amount of prize money in tennis ...

The Second Innings

" focus on the violence in sport when men are involved, and the sex when women are involved."

A sporting chance

As sports fans, should we be protesting inherently sexist coverage in sport?

Leadership and social change

They inspired, supported, influenced and adapted, and we can do the same.

Two quick hits

Allegations of match fixing in cricket are all-too-easy to imagine ...

It's not cricket

Most, (if not all) cricketers have dished out, or been on the end of a sledge ...

The cricket battleground

More and more cricketers are talking about their battles with the black dog ...

Time for a change

An openly queer All Black? Would it change how you look at them?

Banned substances

Loud and proud

The national anthem is just that - an anthem - not a pop song.

More than just the physical

To get the ball rolling, here's some sporting googlies to ponder...

A question of sport and trust

From a young age, many of us are told of the heroics of our sporting greats...

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