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Zac arnold   the wireless

Zac is the Music Features Producer for Radio New Zealand. Outside of his 9-5 he devotes his time to promoting shows, watching Ru Paul’s Drag Race and listening to slap bass.

Content by Zac

Live session: He Huinga Whetū

Graduates of Toi Māori Aotearoa Pao Pao Pao are celebrating Matariki by breathing new life into the songs of Dr Hirini Melbourne.

What NZ On Air’s funding changes mean for local musicians

A Q+A with NZ On Air’s Head of Music and Radio, David Ridler.

Headquarters: Purple Pilgrims

Ethereal duo Purple Pilgrims perform 'Thru Evry Cell' at their Coromandel home.

Stomping Grounds: New Gum Sarn

Zac Arnold and one half of Auckland-four piece New Gum Sarn head up State Highway 1 to show us around their hometown.

Introducing: Wormstar

Alex Angrignon on his new jangling indie pop project, Wormstar.

Interview: The Transistors

Music 101's Zac Arnold catches up with The Transistors following the release of their latest EP, Cuppa Jarra Brossa.

Interview: Kurt Vile

Kurt Vile chats with Music 101's Zac Arnold about what drives his passion to keep making music.

Deadboy Records: 10 years in the game

Music 101's Zac Arnold catches up the founders of Deadboy Records - two guys who are in it for the music.

Cassette Nine's MUM club night comes to end

After seven years, Cassette Nine’s MUM club night is all over. Zac Arnold talks to the personalities who brought it together.

Interview: Antagonist A.D.

Antagonist A.D's Sam Crocker on the challenge of performing night after night, when his songs are almost too personal to sing out loud.

Digging through the crates again

Flying Out talk about the challenge of opening a record store in 2015 and how they anticipate their business changing.

On the road with The Courtneys

Zac Arnold hits the road with Vancouver slacker-pop trio The Courtneys.

Interview: Caroles

Auckland band Caroles talk about what inspired the change from rampage to reflection on their new album.

Live session: Seth Frightening

Seth Frightening talks to Music 101's Zac Arnold about death, the void, and his new album 'But We Love Our Brothers and Sisters'.

The secret life of music collectors

Music 101's Zac Arnold delves into the lives of people who collect musical ephemera.

Elvis in the Gardens

Zac Arnold heads to the annual Elvis in the Gardens festival to find out how six different tribute artists got all shook up.

Interview: Slash

Zac Arnold speaks to Slash and puts his own questions, and those from a series of famous NZ guitarists, to the man behind the myth.

The secret life of karaoke

Music 101’s Zac Arnold investigates how Karaoke has weaved its way from Japan into all corners of the globe.

Live Session: King Missile IV

King Missile IV joins Music 101's Zac Arnold in the studio to play some songs and discuss their legacy of oddities.

Interview: Mesa Cosa

Melbourne band Mesa Cosa discuss Australian identity, singing in both Spanish and English, and why guitar-based music is still vital.