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Tess is a features journalist for RNZ and The Wireless.

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Hermit of the highway: How a man in the woods survived Kaikōura's 7.8 earthquake

Pete lives in a hut in the hills above Kaikōura. In the aftermath of last month's earthquake, we went to find him.

Cut off from the world: A journey down Kaikoura's ruined highway

We took a walk down Kaikoura's earthquake-ruined highway to check out the damage, and see what's become of the iconic crayfish caravans.

John Key resigns as Prime Minister, the internet reacts

Prime Minister John Key has announced his resignation. Here's the first sweep of reactions from around the web.

Weapons of math destruction? The problem with algorithms

Increasingly, the decisions impacting our lives are made by algorithms. Are they really fairer?

Weekly Reading: the Trump Edition

Bewildered by the thought of an ochre-tinted villain in the White House? This week’s longread roundup is a bumper Trump edition.

Trump’s election victory is already inspiring hate speech

The day after the election, the fear is real.

Why your Facebook friends are checking-in at Standing Rock

Are they showing solidarity or falling for an online hoax?

Weekly Reading: The best longreads all in one place

Our weekly recap highlighting the best feature stories from around the internet.

'Nobody believed in life any more'

Six extracts from Amnesty International’s report on life in the Nauru island refugee camp.

Is it true the pill could be making you depressed?

Many women report the onset of depressive symptoms after starting oral contraceptives. So why are doctors failing to warn them it’s a side effect?

Do we buy it? H&M's fast fashion has a cost beyond the price tag

The fashion giant opens its first NZ store this week. Underneath the hype is a company with a chequered history.

Waiting in vain? Trans surgery waitlists stretch to almost 50 years

Trans people awaiting gender reassignment surgery could be left waiting decades, as the waiting list grows.

How Bangladesh is slowly drowning, and what it’ll take to save it

Four young Kiwi filmmakers went across the world to document the devastating effects of climate change.

The Voluntourism Paradox

How your OE visit to an orphanage could be traumatising children, breaking up families and fuelling human trafficking.

What it's like to be a hermit in New Zealand

'Loneliness is just a feeling. It’s no big deal'

How 'slacktivism' spreads the revolution

New research has found the much-derided “slacktivists” of the online world are an essential component for protest movements.

Troubled by Trump? Meet Rodrigo ‘The Punisher’ Duterte

What causes extreme populist politics, and should New Zealand expect its own populist to rise through the ranks?

Echo Festival goes into liqudation

Echo Festival ticket-holders still waiting on refunds will now have to get in line in the hope that there will be money left over to repay them once the festival’s other creditors have been covered.

Out damn spot

How the full stop is ruining your texts.

What you need to know about anxiety

A few ways you can help yourself - or a loved one - through an anxiety attack.

The anxiety epidemic

Unprecedented numbers of young New Zealanders are being diagnosed with anxiety disorders. So what’s it like to suffer from anxiety - and what could be the cause of it?

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