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Susan Strongman is an Auckland-based journalist at The Wireless. She is interested in social issues, human rights and people, but prefers to spend her spare time with her cats.

Content by Susan

The life and death of David Cerven

At 21, David Cerven was shot dead by police in what many assumed was 'suicide by cop'. Susan Strongman traces his story of love, debt and despair all the way from Slovakia to the Auckland park where he died.

Crime and Punishment: Will freeing more prisoners work?

Grisly attacks and brutal murders convinced New Zealand that criminals should be locked up for longer. Now, with jails bursting at the seams, the government wants to slash prisoner numbers. Will Kiwis panic, or get behind the changes? Susan Strongman reports.

Who will help the helplines?

While Youthline and Lifeline struggle to stay afloat, leaving calls for help unanswered, the government is funding a brand new helpline.

Police are targeting drivers on cellphones and those not wearing seatbelts next week

Do you text and drive?

NZ artist Luke Willis Thompson shortlisted for Turner Prize

For a work in which he collaborated with the partner of a US police shooting victim.

The REAL Sex Talk: Myths & Stereotypes

Slut or stud? Pink or blue? Let's talk myths and stereotypes.

Jacinda Ardern's excellent adventure

NZ's 'pregnant leftie PM' gets photographed with various world leaders across Europe. The Internet loses its mind.

Has St Vincent ripped off Jonathan Bree?

St Vincent’s performance at Coachella on Friday looks very familiar.

Syphilis increase 'tip of the iceberg'

Cases of syphilis in New Zealand have almost doubled since 2015, with 470 infections reported last year.

Condoms rationed due to global supply shortage

It's a Durex Confidence supply issue.

Law commission seeks input on abortion law reform

'We want to hear what people think about how New Zealand's abortion laws could be made more health-centred.'

Facebook breached New Zealand's Privacy Act

But what does that even mean?

Minister for Women's comments about older white men 'racist, ageist and sexist'

'We are our favourite whipping boys and a lot of people are getting sick of it. We’ve got rights too.'

Why doesn't the draft Auckland Plan include arts and culture?

"If you care about the arts, then you should be worried."

Law firms 'blacklist' #MeToo blog

A legal researcher says three law firms and a government agency are stopping staff from sharing stories of workplace harassment.

HOLA: How are tropical cyclones named?

Bret, Bill, Bud, Bob, Barbara, Ann.

Census 2018: Skuxx or sux?

We used our social media bubble to crowd source this unscientific survey of people’s thoughts.

ICYMI: Here's a bunch of pics of Taika Waititi napping

You're welcome.

Why this year’s census won’t ask questions about sexual orientation, diverse gender and sexual identities


Women sued over Lorde concert cancellation call Israeli lawsuit 'delusional'

'These bullying tactics only embolden us'.

Israeli Lorde fans are suing two New Zealand activists

The young fans are claiming $20,000 for "mental harm" caused by the cancellation of her Tel Aviv concert.

What you need to know about Parliament’s medicinal cannabis debate

Don’t spark up just yet.

Who is really behind A Glittery March for Consent?

A British news agency denies being involved in organising the march. One of the women fronting has said otherwise.

Someone has been playing 'F*** tha Police' over police radio

Coming straight from the underground.

A brief history of Dungeons & Dragons in Aotearoa

An RPG noob in Auckland Pathfinder Society's court

Jackie Clark and The Aunties

How the pampered, private schooled daughter of Crown Lynn's founder became a breast baring battler for women.

How New Zealand came to have a contraceptive pill shortage

Pharmacists are rationing their supplies.

Denial of abortion 'legally and factually incorrect' - academic

But Waitematā DHB says it has complied with the law

'I really don't want this to happen to anyone else'

Abortion policy overhaul at Waitematā health board.

What it’s like to win $10,000 to write your first book

This aspiring author is going on a road trip.

After the earthquake: Kaikōura one year on

Open hearts in a scarred landscape.

How singing breaks down walls in a prison

'That’s a good thing for me, to come out of that shell.'

Youth voter turnout gets a big bump

But 25 to 29 year-olds still behind all other age groups.

What’s it like to be young and blue?

We talk to the youthful and conservative National MP Tim van de Molen.

Three terrifying Jack o lantern pumpkin alternatives

Because it's Halloweek!

New Zealand's new ministers

The new Labour-led government has revealed its full ministerial line-up.

Abby McBride is a sketch biologist

It's a job she made up - and it's pretty darn cool.

How 'bout that new government, eh?

'Jacinda’s gangsta, far out, she’s mean!'

Taika the traitor

Not all New Zealand's rivers are poison, egg!

Artist Erin Forsyth wants you to care

Her works combine scientific classifications with New Zealand plants and animals’ place in te ao Māori.

#MeToo must be translated into action.

'They cannot just let it be a hashtag'

Abortion denied at 18 weeks

A 22-year-old was not given an appointment with a certifying consultant to determine her case.

Comment: A celebration of social experiments

Yesterday former broadcaster Sean Plunket did a social experiment, which prompted us to come up with this list of other fun social experiments.

Liberal abortion laws mean safer services - study

'Legality drives accessibility, and accessibility drives safety.'

Niki's eviction: appeal dismissed

Niki Rauti has lost an appeal to remain in her Auckland home.

Trust women to decide: Greens

Some politicians have renewed calls for abortion law reform in the wake of a Kiwi woman's desperate cry for help.

No choice: When a legal abortion is denied

A woman who was denied a second trimester abortion says she contemplated suicide.

We made leaders debate bingo cards

Because the first leaders debate airs on TVNZ1 tonight.

Sleeping pods advertised as $200 Auckland apartments

'This is further evidence of how ridiculous the Auckland housing situation has got.'

AUSA cuts ties with ProLife Auckland

Members of Auckland University's student union have voted to disaffiliate the anti-abortion group.

Barnaby Joyce: New Zealander of the Year?

The Australian Deputy Prime Minister has received the second highest number of nominations for New Zealander of the Year.

$1.4m funding boost for campus sexual violence prevention

'Sexual violence and consent is a wider issue for New Zealand. Changing the culture around it is challenging for all of us.'

Make Earth Great Again

These three Christchurch men want you to help plant a forest dedicated to Donald Trump.

Classic New Zealand

A major party leader and several other candidates turned up at a random housewarming on Saturday night to talk politics.

A question of free speech?

Student union votes on cutting ties with anti-abortion group.

Has National gone Full Metal Jacket?

Is bootcamp is the govt’s solution for hardened young crims?

David Duchovny is coming to New Zealand


Planes, trains and automobiles

How National and Labour plan to fix Auckland’s transport woes.

Let’s do this

A brief history of Labour’s new campaign slogan.

Oh baby! The question keeps coming up

Should Jacinda Ardern be asked about her plans for having kids?

In loving memory of Bobby Leach

The first male to survive the Niagara Falls died after slipping on an orange peel on Queen St.

Climate change targets should be legally binding.

The Parliamentary Commissioner for the Environment says politicians must work together to put carbon emission targets into law.

Synthetic cannabis: The killer high

Eight deaths in just over a month. People know it's killing them. So why are they smoking it?

Psychopaths: Mean, misunderstood, and mistreated?

We talk to Professor Devon Polaschek about what makes a psychopath.

'It's not a happy place' - Life in the Kayan villages of Thailand

Questionable ethics behind the scenes of villages that are billed as a tourist attraction.

If NZ politicians were Game of Thrones characters

Winston as Walder, Maggie as Melisandre and Joyce as Brienne: We risked our public funding to bring you this.

Antiquated abortion law a $20 million ‘box ticking exercise’

The decriminalisation of abortion in New Zealand will save the taxpayer millions, a leading doctor says.

'I am ok, and thanks for asking!'

Former Greens MP Holly Walker on her memoir, The Whole Intimate Mess.

Kia kaha. Freedom. Hope. Trust.

The art, and artists of Christchurch Men's Prison.

Animal welfare and the law

The law recognises that animals have emotions, but it's down to a charity to prosecute abusers.

Shake your money-maker

Young New Zealanders are showing they care, by pushing for change at the companies they invest in and support.

Farewell Gchat. Now we have to Hangout.

In a few days, Google's Gchat will be no more. We pay tribute to the home of inane online chat.

Unpaid, unhappy and over here - Labour's intern scandal explained

Labour is left tidying up after an internship programme organised by the party's former chief of staff gets out of hand.

Treasures of the forest under threat

Our rātā, pōhutukawa, mānuka and kānuka are taonga. How can we protect them from myrtle rust?

Bevan Chuang: clairvoyant

In which Bevan Chuang tells Susan Strongman's fortune.

Vaiaso o le Gagana Samoa

Ma'au i lou ofaga, maua'a i lou faasinomaga: Keep your identity alive to thrive.

'Your daughter is history'

Jealousy, hatred and attempted murder in the Dome Valley.

You break it, you bought it

A proposed law means tenants will pay their landlord's excess when they break stuff. But is it fair?

From child poverty to early puberty

Researchers who linked poverty to early puberty, say it could lead to an abundance of problems in adolescence, including substance abuse and depression.

The wonderful story of Wednesday Adams

Did Ryan Adams really care about cemetery cat? The Wireless investigates.

This bill aims to make work a safe place for victims of domestic violence

But how will the Domestic Violence Victims' Protection Bill work? And can employers afford it?

'Women get raped because men rape them'

For Rape Awareness Week, two women share their stories of survival.

What’s on your mind?

Is Facebook selling information about your mood to advertisers?

What have care workers had to do for minimum wage?

We asked two aged care workers about their jobs.

Would you like child labour with those jeans?

The 2017 Ethical Fashion Report is out.

It’s hard to deny climate change has a human footprint.

Can we stop it?

‘They really don’t like it if we fail anyone’

Tertiary education staff say they are under increasing pressure to perform with smaller budgets and bigger classes. What does that mean for students?

Designer of New Zealand brand Maggie Marilyn shortlisted for prestigious prize

Her work could be judged by fashion greats like Karl Lagerfeld (Chanel, Fendi), abd Phoebe Philo (Celine).

The truth is out there

The discovery of seven new planets puts us a step closer to answering the question ‘are we alone.’

This 19-year-old scientist built a machine that sorts Skittles by colour

If only it had existed when Van Halen were in their prime.

Pharmac's thinking about funding sanitary products

In the meantime, here's some ridiculous alternatives that people have come up with.

Christchurch fire contained, but volatile

The Port Hills fire has been contained within a 30km perimeter.

What we know about the Port Hills fire

Today is day four of a Christchurch blaze that has destroyed homes and killed one.

'We’d like to meet with her if that’s what she wants'

Five women abused for being Muslim forgive their attacker - and would like to meet her.

The step brother of a prominent MP is awaiting trial in a Californian prison, charged with murder

Here’s what we know about Clinton Thinn.

Pushing back against the politics of Trump

'Just saying that this is not the Kiwi way is not enough'

We talk to people living in New Zealand who are affected by Trump's travel ban.

This cannabis product won't even get you high, so why is it illegal?

Government scientists say CBD should be approved as a medicine, but the Ministry of Health says no.

What’s gonna happen to little ol’ New Zealand now that Trump is in power?

Short answer: nobody knows.

Ovary action: The best placards from Women's Marches across NZ

Acting local, thinking global.

Who are New Zealand's Trump supporters?

And why won't they talk to me?

Microbeads, those tiny bits of plastic in make-up, are finally set to be banned

This is a good move for our oceans.

Carrie Fisher: Actor, writer and smasher of the patriarchy

We pay our respects.

2016 in cats

TGIF guys, here are five sweet cat stories from this year. You're welcome.

Can lady vets hack it?

Massey University's chancellor says woman vet graduates are two-fifths of a full-time equivalent vet. But he didn't mean to cause offence.

Will the Bill and Paula Show be any good?

We ask political commentators Ben Thomas, Carrie Stoddart-Smith and Stephanie Rodgers what to expect now that there's a new prime minster in the House.

NZ's next prime minister will be Bill English

John Key's right-hand man has no more opponents.

Where the MPs running for PM stand on five controversial issues

We check their records on abortion, marriage equality, weed, prostitution and euthanasia.

Five John Key gaffes immortalised as gifs

With John Key’s announcement today that he will step down as New Zealand’s Prime Minister, we look at the gifs his eight-year reign will be remembered by.

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