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Susan Strongman is an Auckland-based journalist at The Wireless. She is interested in social issues, human rights and people, but likes to spend her spare time with her cats.

Content by Susan

What have care workers had to do for minimum wage?

We asked two aged care workers about their jobs.

Would you like child labour with those jeans?

The 2017 Ethical Fashion Report is out.

It’s hard to deny climate change has a human footprint.

Can we stop it?

‘They really don’t like it if we fail anyone’

Tertiary education staff say they are under increasing pressure to perform with smaller budgets and bigger classes. What does that mean for students?

Designer of New Zealand brand Maggie Marilyn shortlisted for prestigious prize

Her work could be judged by fashion greats like Karl Lagerfeld (Chanel, Fendi), abd Phoebe Philo (Celine).

The truth is out there

The discovery of seven new planets puts us a step closer to answering the question ‘are we alone.’

This 19-year-old scientist built a machine that sorts Skittles by colour

If only it had existed when Van Halen were in their prime.

Pharmac's thinking about funding sanitary products

In the meantime, here's some ridiculous alternatives that people have come up with.

Christchurch fire contained, but volatile

The Port Hills fire has been contained within a 30km perimeter.

What we know about the Port Hills fire

Today is day four of a Christchurch blaze that has destroyed homes and killed one.

'We’d like to meet with her if that’s what she wants'

Five women abused for being Muslim forgive their attacker - and would like to meet her.

The step brother of a prominent MP is awaiting trial in a Californian prison, charged with murder

Here’s what we know about Clinton Thinn.

Pushing back against the politics of Trump

'Just saying that this is not the Kiwi way is not enough'

We talk to people living in New Zealand who are affected by Trump's travel ban.

This cannabis product won't even get you high, so why is it illegal?

Government scientists say CBD should be approved as a medicine, but the Ministry of Health says no.

What’s gonna happen to little ol’ New Zealand now that Trump is in power?

Short answer: nobody knows.

Ovary action: The best placards from Women's Marches across NZ

Acting local, thinking global.

Who are New Zealand's Trump supporters?

And why won't they talk to me?

Microbeads, those tiny bits of plastic in make-up, are finally set to be banned

This is a good move for our oceans.

Carrie Fisher: Actor, writer and smasher of the patriarchy

We pay our respects.

2016 in cats

TGIF guys, here are five sweet cat stories from this year. You're welcome.

Can lady vets hack it?

Massey University's chancellor says woman vet graduates are two-fifths of a full-time equivalent vet. But he didn't mean to cause offence.

Will the Bill and Paula Show be any good?

We ask political commentators Ben Thomas, Carrie Stoddart-Smith and Stephanie Rodgers what to expect now that there's a new prime minster in the House.

NZ's next prime minister will be Bill English

John Key's right-hand man has no more opponents.

Where the MPs running for PM stand on five controversial issues

We check their records on abortion, marriage equality, weed, prostitution and euthanasia.

Five John Key gaffes immortalised as gifs

With John Key’s announcement today that he will step down as New Zealand’s Prime Minister, we look at the gifs his eight-year reign will be remembered by.

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