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Sonia profile

Sonia's a storyteller, fashion finder, sort of writer, poetry lover, cold weather hater, mother of one and non-stop thinker.

Sonia's a second-generation Chinese-New Zealander with a background in theatre and the arts. She trained at New Zealand’s leading drama school as an actor and somehow ended up in broadcasting. 

Sonia now makes radio documentaries on a range of subjects, presents on-air, and reports on the arts for Radio New Zealand. 

Content by Sonia

Making fashion look picture perfect

New York-based prop stylist Rachel Stickley talks about her wildly creative craft in the latest episode of the podcast My Heals Are Killing Me.

Young visionaries and the future of fashion

How do fledgling designers see the future of fashion?

How French 83 are reinventing modern Kiwi menswear

The wunderkinds filling a gap in the market and going global while they do it.

An insider's view of the New York fashion industry

On New Zealander Jonathan Thai's resume you’ll find work with Prada, Miu Miu, and no fewer than five Vogue magazines

Meet the winners of the iD Emerging Designer Awards

The top award went to a designer with a jacket obsession.

Aiming for the money shot

Sonia Sly talks to three fashion photographers about breaking into the dog-eat-dog industry.

Exploring identity politics with theatre

Alice Canton is coming face-to-face with her Chinese and Pakeha identity in a new show at The Basement Theatre.

Bold ideas made wearable

Behind the scenes at iD Fashion Week’s International Emerging Designer Awards.

Five tips for fashion designers

Emilia Wickstead has worked for Armani and Vogue; now she runs her own fashion house. Here are her tips on how to make it.

More than a numbers game

Hear from the local bloggers that are making their mark on the fashion industry.

Storming the catwalk

In the lead up to New Zealand Fashion Week, we go inside the world of casting calls.

Discovering the roots of Lttle Phnx

Wellington-based synthpop artist Lttle Phnx talks about finding a sound that's as unique as her story of growing up.

DJing in the digital age

NZ DMC champion DJ Spell speaks on new technology, his love of vinyl and performing at the DMC finals in London.

Success is in the mind of the beholder

For many of those pursuing their dreams, being able to support themselves within their chosen field feels like winning.

Dim glow of motherhood

Sonia Sly made it to her son's first birthday – but it was no walk in the park.

Bringing colour to the streets

Sonia Sly asks if street art has become a more accepted art form in today's society.

A grain of truth: Racism exists in New Zealand

No one talks about racism here, and that perpetuates the myth that it doesn’t exist, writes Sonia Sly.