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Content by Rebecca

How to make difficult decisions

A step-by-step guide.

A world of their own

Should excessive daydreaming be considered a mental disorder?

What it's like to photograph babies that didn't make it

'We believe it's huge for the healing process.'

The long road to New Zealand feeling OK about women doing sport

According to 100-year-old newspapers.

God forbid

Do religious young people watch less porn?

Lovesick no more

When leaving a relationship improves your health

How to do relationships

The latest, greatest tips from social scientists.

When your brain's too busy

Has the internet shot your attention span, or could it be adult ADHD?

Beautiful ruins

The thrill of photographing derelict New Zealand.

Men stripped bare

A chat with photographer Ilan Wittenberg.

Tinder and 3nder are officially at war

Fight for your right to swipe for threesomes.

Having a bad day?

Animals to the rescue.

No more Mr Nice Guy

It's hard out here for a bro. Rebecca Kamm meets the entrepreneur teaching Auckland guys how to be men.

Choice overload

Why do too many options make us miserable? We asked Barry Schwartz, author of The Paradox of Choice.

Choices: a pop-up blog

Let's learn about making hard decisions.

Barbie & me

Wireless writers look back on what the plastic lady meant to them.

What it's like to have a phobia of talking

For sufferers of Selective Mutism, speaking is a source of profound fear.

Monster in the ring

They're sisters, but they're part of the "brotherhood". Rebecca Kamm enters the world of New Zealand's female pro wrestlers.