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Nick's shot for the wireless2

This well-travelled musician seems to have momentarily settled down producing music features for Radio New Zealand.

He still makes time to play horn for the likes of Lawrence Arabia and his long-time band Supergroove, all the while working up a new duo called Hopetoun Brown. Don’t get him started about sailing wooden boats.

Content by Nick

Behind those 8-bit melodies

Broadcaster, producer and DJ, Nick Dwyer talks up his latest endeavour, a documentary series called Diggin' In The Carts.

Will Wood strikes out on his own

After a master class in song writing from a 60-year-old ex-junkie "with all the stories in the world", Will Wood goes solo.

Kimbra – The Golden Echo

Four years on from their first interview, Music 101's Nick Atkinson catches up with Kimbra.

Every day is beautiful

Nick Atkinson reviews Murray McNabb Group's Every Day Is A Beautiful Day album release show.

Visitors from Hawkes Bay

Fazerdaze, The Roulettes and Golden Curtain perform live at Auckland's Wine Cellar.

Pulp: Life, death and supermarkets

Nick Atkinson on the New Zealand premiere of Florian Habicht's documentary about Pulp's final days.

Jeremy Redmore on life after Midnight Youth

Jeremy Redmore re-enters the music industry, able to be himself and without regrets about Midnight Youth.

Review: Free West Papua concert

Mara TK from Electric Wire Hustle and others perform to help raise money for a jailed journalist to be brought to NZ.

Review: Marlon Williams

Nick Atkinson reports from the sold out welcome home show for singer-songwriter Marlon Williams.

Jol Mulholland makes every song a journey

Jol Mulholland can make a bass drum hit you like a locomotive, writes Nick Atkinson.

A golden moment for Tiny Ruins

Tiny Ruins' show at the Crystal Palace in Auckland was a high-water mark in Hollie Fullbrook's career. Nick Atkinson was there for the standing ovation.

Five gigs on a school night

The second instalment from Nick Atkinson about gigs and the live music scene in the central Auckland region.

Searching for Glass Owls in Kingsland

It may be an ordinary week-night in Kingsland, but bizarre and unusual rituals are taking place in two venues.

Sorceress, a new funk

Trumpeter Isaac Aesili talks about the new Sorceress album Dose with fellow band members Rachel Fraser and Tom Broome.

15 years of Arch Hill Recordings

Arch Hill Recordings boss Ben Howe reflects back on the label ahead of its 15th birthday celebration.