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Max is a journalist who has worked for The Star, Bleacher Report and RNZ News.

Content by Max

Gender quotas weed out incompetent men - study

“Quotas are bad news for mediocre male leaders who tend to be forced out.”

Farewell Gchat. Now we have to Hangout.

In a few days, Google's Gchat will be no more. We pay tribute to the home of inane online chat.

Twitter is ridiculing 'racist propaganda' Hobson’s Pledge

Don Brash-led trust is stepping up its campaign to abolish "race-based privilege".

The schlocky and the gory and the cult

A dive into New Zealand’s B movie past. May it never die.

Confessions of a hopeless tourist

Drinking bleach, crashing bikes and getting mugged - why I should never travel.

Young, educated men more likely to harass women in the street

International study explores why men catcall.

Why I am strong: A young refugee’s perilous escape to NZ

Yibeth Morales Ayala will tell the Immigration Minister the current intake quota isn’t enough.

What it’s like when your partner changes gender

After Krystle Chester’s partner transitioned to a woman, she reached out to others with similar experiences for first of its kind research in NZ.

The Lions tour means everything, just ask the only All Blacks to lose a series

In 1971, NZ were beaten 2-1. That team reckons it could happen again.

Twin Peaks is still unlike anything you’ve seen on TV

The cult series is back. Is it any good?

Stop turning movies into TV shows

For every Westworld, there’s a Taken. The Departed and Snowpiercer are next.

Will Steven Adams ever play for the Tall Blacks?

“Maybe he’s not pulling on that black singlet because he doesn't think they really wanted him in the beginning.”

He’s beaten cancer but suffered brain damage during treatment. Three years on, ACC still won't pay

“People don't want to feel like they're under attack and have to fight for pretty basic rights.”

Kane is still kicking ass, Boult is bowling lemons

We rate how the Black Caps have fared in this year's IPL.

The pain and passion of ultramarathons

Imagine running 90km … now imagine doing it uphill.

De-extinction is coming, but don’t expect a real-life Jurassic Park

"The reality of the idea is too sexy to ignore."

Where fighters become champions

Ahead of Joseph Parker's next heavyweight title bout we meet the young boxers coming up at his old gym, Papatoetoe Boxing Club.

Shoot to stop or shoot to kill?

New Zealand police say they don't shoot to kill, but statistics show that officers who pull the trigger are becoming more deadly.

Women in tech: Why the industry needs to fix its gender problem

“If you put five similar people in a room, you're not going to get the same quality of ideas.”

Hundreds of fast-food workers to strike over fair pay

“I think a lot of people are going to struggle to get their lunch tomorrow.”

Are jokes about rape ever okay?

“Comedy can be a great way of breaking the ice and getting a topic talked about.”

Students tell us if they think they’ll ever be able to afford their own home

“As an English and Spanish student… yeah, it’s not looking good”

How Tinder is still killing modern romance

The second part of our look at how the app is continuing to shape people’s dating lives.

Open letter warns free speech is under threat at universities

“But there’s a fine balance with protecting people from discrimination.”

Not everyone is a fan of the latest All Blacks ad

Are the Men in Black superheroes or villains?

Does the TAB get a free ride?

Reporting odds is part of sports coverage in New Zealand, but the Problem Gambling Foundation says it’s marketing masked as news.

Black Caps summer ratings: our verdict on every player

All hail Jeet Raval.

Why Tinder is such a horror show for women

“There's a lot of guesswork involved.”

Devil’s doughnuts, exploding heads and phony science

We pick the best of a glorious month of advertising complaints.

We break down the biggest questions raised by Hit & Run

Investigative journalists Nicky Hager and Jon Stephenson say deaths of Afghan civilians were covered-up.

What students have to say about putting interest back on student loans

“It’s enough of a battle worrying about trying to get into the housing market.”

Growing up in Kaikohe, trouble can be tough to avoid

“Kids just run riot.”

Non-voters tell us what it would take to get them to the ballot box

“Most of my friends think I am a monster for not voting.”

New Zealand bars boycott Coopers beer after marriage equality backlash

Video has critics frothing.

Why Ex on the Beach is the greatest TV show since The Wire

Kinda, maybe, sorta not.

Photos: Protest against rape culture at Parliament

Hundreds turn out to call for consent to be taught in schools.

How to tell someone you may have given them an STI

“He just broke down.”

Why Ross Taylor may be NZ’s greatest batsman

Once called a dirty slogger, the stats tell a different story.