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Mava is an award-winning journalist, formally with The Wireless.

Mava's work has taken her to India, Singapore and South Korea where she's reported on everything from KPop to education fraud.

She is a Canon Media Award winner and the recepient of the Bruce Jesson 'Emerging Journalist Award' for her investigative work. 

Mava recently completed a Master's Degree in journalism and now works as a producer at TVNZ

Content by Mava

Patient says Tauranga Hospital nurses argued while she bled

A patient says nurses argued as she lay bleeding in a bed at Tauranga Hospital, where allegations of wide-spread staff bullying have emerged.

Investigation: The suicides, sackings and stressed staff of Tauranga Hospital

More than a dozen former and current staff say there's a serious bullying problem within the organisation. The Wireless investigates.

Nursing can’t shake its bullying problem

Belittled, humiliated and pushed to their limits

A drug experiment gone wrong?

Our watered-down synthetic drug law failed to prevent 25 deaths. Will an upcoming amendment make any difference?

Hear that dog whistle? Spotting the signs of white supremacy

They say they aren’t racist. The images tell a different story.

Survivor of the Florida school shooting calls for marches all over the world

A movement to end school shootings.

Why the PM’s baby news is a reminder that NZ can do better for families, especially dads

Parenting isn't just for mums.

A hundred days of hell

Liz McGimpsey and her husband weren’t keen on vaccinations but after nearly losing their daughter, she barely remembers why.

Advice on how to talk to anti-vaxxers from a former anti-vaxxer

Calling them stupid and selfish won’t change their minds.

Spreading like a disease: Sick kids, desperate parents and bad science

Inside a Facebook group where anti-vax propaganda is promoted as info for "informed consent".

Popping the filter bubble: Why finding the truth online isn't easy

If you're searching for vaccine info on the internet, there are a few things you need to know.

More than a pretty face: the place of young women in NZ politics

New Zealand once led the way in women’s political rights but we’re now falling behind the pack. Does the parliamentary system need to change for younger women in Aotearoa?

Keeping tiny humans alive

Science is helping more premature babies survive, but for parents it's still a journey marked by fear, pain and joy.

Women in short skirts are still being blamed for their own sexual assaults - survey

There needs to be a serious discussion about male privilege, says a Waikato University professor.

When you compare NZ’s suicide rate to Australia’s, the stats are shocking

A recent study shows the suicide rate among young Kiwi men is double that of young Australian men. One mental health activist says radical changes are needed to bring it down.

'Cheers, dad!' How getting booze from your folks affects drinking habits

Should parents give kids their first drink? A new study finds out.

'I’d never let the cancer be my defining factor'

A year on from delivering a high school leavers speech that went viral, Jake Bailey talks to us about surviving cancer.

You can’t blame ‘middle-child syndrome’ anymore

Two psychologists give us the lowdown.

Let the gains begin: Steroid users tell us why they juice

More and more young men are turning to steroids to bulk up, but is it worth the risks?

How our drug laws disproportionately affect Māori

With a punitive system dating back 40 years, calls are mounting to decriminalise drug use. But the government says it’s not on the cards.

Undoing the Trump Effect: How New Zealanders can take action

Trump has highlighted why it’s more important than ever to start undermining the hate, anger and frustration brewing in all parts of the world.

Is the world going to end? Answers to that and other questions about the US election

Here are the basics of what you need to know.

How drug checks at festivals could save lives

It happens in Europe, the UK and Australia - why aren't we doing it in NZ?

What is the age of innocence?

The Government is on the brink of a decision that could drastically affect the lives of young offenders.

Real news stories that sound like they shouldn't be

These reports are stranger than fiction.

Students and teachers worldwide think sex ed sucks

Whether it's how it's taught in Iran, Japan or New Zealand, sex ed is often described as embarrassing, heterosexist and out-of-touch.

Women closing the gap with men when it comes to drinking

While we still get paid less and aren’t always afforded the same rights as men, women can rest easy knowing we’re close to achieving drinking equality.

'The issue isn't about us. It’s about patient safety'

Thousands of junior doctors across the country have walked off the job today in a strike against punishing rosters.

The growing wave of 'surf rage'

It's not all shakas and mellow beach vibes... surfing has a dark side.

What can local body politicians do to convince us to vote?

These people have some hints.

Fear and loathing: tough tactics to get loan borrowers to pay up

The government is fighting harder than ever to get back billions owed by former students overseas. While young Kiwis think the tactics are all wrong, they seem to be working.

Underpaid, exploited, abused: life for migrant workers in NZ

Justice is hard to reach for exploited migrant workers, says new report.

Women feel less shit about their bodies than they used to

A new study shows women's satisfaction with their bodies has gone up. But is going from shit to less-shit really something to celebrate?

The mother of all conspiracies has been debunked

By people who know what they’re talking about

Forget likes and shares, this is what helping really looks like

Children in slums, babies without limbs, and human trafficking. Christey West has seen the worst of it.

If it’s a rugby problem, it’s everybody’s problem

The Chiefs fiasco reminds us that rugby culture often reflects our country's ugliest attitudes.

Top 10 human moments of the Olympic Games

Sometimes the best moments are less sport, and more feels.

'Multiracial boys together in park, e-cig smokers'

Millennials, according to a stock image library.

When can police use their guns?

In the space of 48 hours, two men were shot by NZ police officers. Here's what police say about using firearms.

Why I'm studying in New Zealand

Three Indian students share their reasons for paying thousands of dollars to study in Aotearoa.

Why are so many Indian students coming to New Zealand?

The potential to make millions off international students has led to an industry marred by fraud, lies and bad policy.

Inside the industry sending Indian students to New Zealand

Thousands of Indian students come to study in New Zealand every year. The Wireless went to the source to find out why these young, ambitious people are coming to our shores.

Delivering happiness

A fatal car crash forced Pera Barrett to make the best of a bad situation.

Living in a post-Brexit world

It sounds like an unappetising high-fibre breakfast cereal, but Brexit has far more outreaching effects than your digestion.

You might share this, but you probably won’t read it

A new study finds 59 percent of shared links have never been clicked

Hundreds of students at risk of deportation

Hundreds of international students studying at New Zealand could be deported because of suspected visa fraud.

Ramadan: What young Muslims want you to know

It's not just about food and drink

What you need to know about the Stanford rape case

'If anything, this is a reason for all of us to speak even louder'

Flocking Kiwis Korea - Bernadette Keating

Flocking Kiwis is a series about young New Zealanders living abroad and how they transition into life away from home.

'If it’s something I’m scared of, it’s probably worth doing'

Mava Moayyed meets T-Wei, the shy guy behind the bold art.

How we define suicide may mask a bigger problem

The true number of people who kill themselves may be considerably higher than those reported as suicide.

Weekly Listening: Die Antwoord, Joey Purp, King Kapisi and more

All that's good in music this week.

When your phone tells you beauty = whiteness

The “beauty” function that's basically a white-washing tool.

Selfie-takers think they're the greatest

Science says otherwise.

Will funding for sexual violence go where it’s needed?

The Government announced $46 million towards sexual violence services, but is the money ending up in the right place?

Call for gender neutral toilets in schools

Rainbow Youth wants to see gender neutral or unisex toilets a norm in all schools.

Q+A: Kiwi Scientologist

It's been in NZ for over 60 years but few of us know much about the Scientology community here. We ask an Aucklander about the controversial religion.

10 privacy myths busted

It's Privacy Week so The Wireless picked the brains of the experts to bust some common myths about your business.

'Stand up for racial unity'

High school students from around the country have called on Kiwis to stand up to racism.

Flocking Kiwis Singapore - Melanie Edmonds

Flocking Kiwis is a series about young New Zealanders living abroad and how they transition into life away from home.

Flocking Kiwis Singapore - Jordan Telfer

A look into how young New Zealanders transition into life away from home.

Flocking Kiwis Singapore - Anna Hamill

A look into how young New Zealanders transition into life away from home.

Smoking and drinking: what's the difference?

While the Government has been successful in tackling one, is it failing on the other?

Are 'gut feelings' real?

We asked an expert.

Digital care: Treating mental health online

In need of a pocket counsellor? Ellen Falconer and Mava Moayyed take a look at the burgeoning industry for mental health apps.

How we report on suicide in New Zealand

New Zealand’s suicide reporting laws are among the strictest in the world. Journalism lecturer Dr James Hollings explains why that is and why he thinks that should change.

Data visualisation: Suicide statistics

Too many people take their life each year in New Zealand. Here’s a breakdown of the numbers that paint a sobering picture of a crucial social issue.

Macedonia at midnight

As she hunted down six thieves in Skopje, Mava Moayyed realised she wasn't quite as invincible as she thought.

Left without a choice: How international students are exploited in New Zealand

Getting by on a student budget is hard enough without being paid less than minimum wage.

Making It Work: Charlie Camp

Introducing Charlie Camp: the punk drummer and builder who is smashing stereotypes about what young women “should” do.

Rip It Up review: Complaint over n-word not upheld

A complaint against Rip it Up magazine for their use of the n-word has not been upheld by the NZ Press Council.

10 domestic violence myths busted

Despite our many successes, New Zealand's domestic violence rate hangs over us like a dark cloud. It's time to bust some common myths about abuse.

Living in fear: Inside our domestic violence problem

We have the highest reported rate of intimate partner violence in the developed world. What can be done to bring the numbers down? By Mava Moayyed.

'I'm not a jihadi bride'

A young Kiwi Muslim who believes she was profiled as a “jihadi bride” says comments by the SIS and the PM are scaremongering.

Korean hip hop's Kiwi contingent

There’s a group of hip hop stars in Korea who love mince pies and recall barefoot childhoods in Auckland’s suburbs. Mava Moayyed reports from Seoul.

Fashion label I Love Ugly flips ads after backlash

A New Zealand fashion label has responded to criticism of it's "sexist" ads with images of a naked man.

Fashion label I Love Ugly wears backlash over 'sexist as hell' ads

New Zealand fashion label shrugs off ad campaign criticism, saying it is "onto something good".

What you need to know about COP21

Leaders from across the globe will try and tackle one of Earth’s biggest problems: global warming.

Echo Festival promoter speaks out on cancellation

New Zealand is the hardest place in the world to pull off music festivals, says the promoter behind the now cancelled Echo Festival.

Behind the scenes at the K-pop World Festival

Out of thousands of amateur K-poppers all over the globe, a handful travelled to the “Mecca” of K-pop to battle it out for the world title.

NZ music festival on shaky ground

McLaren Valley Festival is moving to Auckland after organisers failed to secure resource consent at McLaren Falls Park.

10 endometriosis myths busted

It’s a condition as tricky to say as it is to understand. Time to bust some common myths about this painful condition.

Learning to live with endometriosis

One in ten women suffer from endometriosis and it's a disease that can lead to a life of pain, depression and infertility.

‘Imagine a glass bottle breaking inside you’

Seven Kiwi women speak about their life with endometriosis.

Bodies under construction: What it's like to have plastic surgery

As plastic surgery becomes more accepted than ever, we talk to young Kiwis who are opting to nip, tuck and cut.

Two years on from Roast Busters

Rape accusations, a controversial interview, and a social media storm: here’s a look at how the Roast Busters scandal shaped online activism.

10 police myths busted

Do you know your rights when dealing with the cops?

Six questions with a webcam girl

Harliequinnx tells us what it's like having your photos used in online scams

10 renting myths busted

With more of us renting than ever before, it's important to know your rights.

Tinder scams: When swiping right goes wrong

Dating app Tinder is all about finding love, but with so many scammers in the mix, is it still safe to swipe right?

K-pop's loyal New Zealand fanbase

Ahead of the Wellington K-Pop World Festival competition we talk to some of the stand out contestants.

10 student loan myths busted

There are a lot myths about student loans and it’s time to get to the truth.

Getting tanked before hitting town

Drink prices are going up and so is preloading.

Chinese-NZ bloggers on the housing debate turning 'racist'

Like a celebrity after one too many drinks, Auckland’s property market has had enough bad press to make a PR person shudder.

Lecturers: It's hard to survive as a student

Students are working long hours and shouldering huge debt - and it’s leaving them exhausted, sick and unable to get the most out of their education.

Getting by on a student budget

Student loans and allowances haven't kept pace with living costs, but the Government says students should be supporting themselves.

Young carers: At home, unheard and often alone

There's a group of young people in New Zealand whose world is mostly invisible to the rest of us.

The other side of sanity

Cameron Miller suffered a psychotic break while studying at university. He tells us what it’s like to lose your grip on reality.

Boogie down while the sun comes up

These ravers hit the dancefloor when most of us are reaching for the snooze button.

Loan cap catches out medical students

Student loan caps mean a third of the medical students will have to front their own fees.

What it's like to be young and unemployed in New Zealand

Tens of thousands of young New Zealanders are out of work. We talk to three who have struggled to get their foot in the door of the job market.

Going to WINZ: 'It's degrading'

New Zealanders on the benefit feel dehumanised, intimidated and publicly humiliated by the country’s welfare system, a report says.

Online insecurity: 'Sloppy practice' with passwords

If you click "I forgot my password" and get emailed back your old password, you should be worried.

Cleaning up in Baltimore

As the investigation into Freddie Gray’s death comes to a close, the clean up in the West-Baltimore community is just starting.

Nepal crying out for help

The Wireless speaks to three young New Zealanders on the ground in quake-stricken Nepal.

State of emergency declared in Baltimore

Protests in Baltimore turned violent yesterday just hours after the funeral of an African-American man who died in police custody

Happy hunting ground

Ricky Gervais attacks, but trophy hunters defend their sport.

PM still making world headlines

Taiwan-based company animates #ponytailgate, as New Zealand's Prime Minister continues to make headlines.

Auckland housing a foreign investor's dream

Auckland property advertised in Singapore as "an investors dream".

Glassons lacking in ethical clothing practices

New Zealand women's clothing label gets D-minus for its ethical practices.

How real is the terror threat?

Insight investigates the terrorist threat to New Zealand and asks if it being overplayed.

Cutting the right cloth: Clothing modestly

Many women want more modest fashion choices says Auckland's Zainy Esau

Being young and Muslim in New Zealand

Young Muslims tell The Wireless their stories of living in New Zealand.

Winter comes late for Game of Thrones fans

Sky TV's technical difficulties lead to late Game of Thrones start - even after the first four episodes are leaked online.

A guide through the fog of blindness

For Tony Mosen, trying to see is like looking through a thick blanket of fog.

Hyde St Keg Party: 'One guy making the rest of us look shit'

If the Hyde St Keg Party is cancelled it’ll just happen somewhere else, says a student living on the street.

#RapAgainstRape: A message from India

Indian duo fight to change attitudes towards sexual violence with #RapAgainstRape.

When does standing up to bullies become bullying?

The creator of the online petition to take Natalia Kills off X Factor says bullying is not what we stand for in New Zealand.

Ed Sheeran, Ellie Goulding voice support for bullied X Factor singer

Ed Sheeran, Ellie Goulding and Lorde have reached out to Joe Irvine after he was bullied by judges Willy Moon and Natalia Kills.

Natalia Kills, Willy Moon fired from X Factor NZ

Natalia Kills and her husband Willy Moon have been dropped as judges on X Factor NZ after a bullying tirade against a contestant.

'He was grinding me': A Castle Street experience

Mava Moayyed was only on Dunedin's Castle Street for a few hours, but she left wondering about the experiences of other women in North Dunedin.

Clampdown on Dunedin's student town

As police and the city council try to keep a lid on anti-social behaviour in Dunedin, the university is trying to redefine what it means to be a student there. But is it working?

Loading Docs: Weird and wonderful stories told in three minutes

Ten film projects are promising to tell great stories, but they need a little help first.

Despite troubled tour, fan stands by Ciara

A Ciara fan who led a campaign for the R’n’B star to come to Auckland stands by her idol even though she never got to see her perform.

One Night Stand: A casual thing on the side

What do you get when you put three lawyers in a room? A really well-organised One Night Stand.

Reflecting the bright lights of Beijing

Jade Townsend translates Beijing's "brand new, just built, just made relics" into art.

Ciara 'never booked to play Auckland'

RnB star Ciara’s Auckland concert has been cancelled after a dispute between the singer’s management, booking agents and promoters.

Ciara skips another meet-and-greet

RnB artist Ciara has upset concert-goers once again, this time in Wellington, after failing to show up for a meet-and-greet.

More than just fun and games

Playing video games used to be something kids would do at the arcade after school. Those kids have grown-up now - and so has gaming.

Making up a new way of doing business

Auckland student Bonnie Howland is launching a beauty brand that sets its sights far beyond just making a profit.

The Great Flat Hunt: Packing up, packing in

Desperate measures may have been required, but the flat-hunters we spoke for a story published earlier this week now all have places to call home.

About average: Flats renting for $380

New Zealanders are paying an average of $380 a week for a three bedroom house. But what can you actually get for that price?

The Great Flat Hunt: Finding a place to call home

Thousands of hopeful renters are trawling TradeMe, queueing at viewings and scrapping to find a place to live. Here are some stories from the frontline of the Great Flat Hunt.

Review: Laneway Festival 2015

Synth pop, dreamy rock, and bass-heavy electronic bangers. These are the sounds of Laneway 2015.

Waiting for the call: Surviving unemployment

Mava Moayyed had always landed jobs with relative ease. But after graduating, joining the world of salaries and annual leave was tougher than expected.