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Marcus joined RNZ to set up The Wireless. Before that, he slugged away as the Night Editor for Stuff and booked punk shows.

Content by Marcus

The founding editor of The Wireless says goodbye

His last post.

Who is really behind A Glittery March for Consent?

A British news agency denies being involved in organising the march. One of the women fronting has said otherwise.

Here's a sneak peek at what's coming for 2018 on The Wireless

See you in the new year.

#Decision17: Waiting for Winston

Hang in there for another couple weeks.

Farewell Gchat. Now we have to Hangout.

In a few days, Google's Gchat will be no more. We pay tribute to the home of inane online chat.

Fighting words from the writer subverting the story of Auckland

Dominic Hoey has had his battles. Now he's tasting success.

'How To Adult' classes, online voting and other ideas to get more young people voting

Something has to change, doesn't it?

‘European’ campus club to disband after threats

Group never intended to be political, says club president.

Revealing the faces of Beijing's 'Rat Tribe'

Photographer Sim Chi Yin documents the people driven underground by the Chinese capital's housing crisis.

What we know so far about the Hanmer Springs earthquake

Brace yourself.

Is the world going to end? Answers to that and other questions about the US election

Here are the basics of what you need to know.

NZ Young Writers Festival is coming up and we'll be there

It'll be a weekend of words with (old and new) friends.

Top 10 stories of the month - July 2016

In case you missed something, here are our most read (and watched!) stories for the month.

What's up this weekend?

Where you'll want to post up this weekend.

We won a thing!

On Friday night, something unexpected happened – the judges for the Canon Media Awards named us Website of the Year.

Rip It Up review: Complaint over n-word not upheld

A complaint against Rip it Up magazine for their use of the n-word has not been upheld by the NZ Press Council.

Movie review: Mad Max – Fury Road

Thirty years on from the last Mad Max flick, director George Miller brings his road warrior back with a post-apocalyptic masterpiece.

Changing up

Welcome to our new new-look homepage. Here's a rundown of what we've done.

Top 10 stories of the month - February 2015

In case you missed something, here are our most read stories for the month.

Bulletin: So we're going to Iraq

Seven reactions to the Prime Minister's announcement that NZ is sending troops to Iraq.

Ciara 'never booked to play Auckland'

RnB star Ciara’s Auckland concert has been cancelled after a dispute between the singer’s management, booking agents and promoters.

About Last Night: The difficult dynamics of the morning after

About Last Night is a new web series tackling some of the thorny issues and awkward moments that can come with a one night stand.

Clocking up our first year

Looking back on the first year of The Wireless - 2000 stories, 140 contributors and a whole lot of passion.

This month on The Wireless: Change

Do you ever feel like it's time for a change? Sometimes you can make that decision and sometimes change just happens.

A roll of the dice

What’s the biggest risk you’ve ever taken?

Future fortune

The question of what to do with your life never goes away, I’ve been told by more than a few people decades older than me.

A matter of value

The Wireless will look at why people opt out of voting and what's being done to turn this around in the lead up to the September elections.

Shared ideas, different beliefs

Ollie Neas looks at New Zealand's evolving multi-cultural society with his mini-doco series called A Little Faith.

Hauora's four walls

Hauora takes a holistic view of health.

Getting a start

The Wireless, providing a place for creative talent to develop.

Getting a start

Collective knowledge

What you see on The Wireless is the result of the combined knowledge and hard work of dozens of people.

Passion and addiction

The Wireless explores passions and addictions and how they drive us.

Excess baggage

This week The Wireless is telling stories of jaunts, excursions and adventures.

A long way from home

Many Kiwis leave searching for adventure, only to find themselves amongst mates from back home.

Party all the time

What’s life like on tour with punk rockers PCP Eagles?

Welcome to The Wireless

The Wireless produces inspiring stories for New Zealanders who have grown up in the digital age.

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