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Fate of the Furious is the Bond movie we need right now

Hear me out.

What we talk about when we talk about freedom of speech

What does the right to freedom of speech really entitle us to? We asked political theory expert and University of Auckland senior lecturer Dr Kathy Smits to shed some light.

Diary of a millennial homeowner

With a bit of hard work, anything is possible!

The beginner's guide to Auckland fashion

Ponsonby Princess or K Rd Art School Dropout? Pick your starter pack.

Can Ghost in the Shell overcome its race problem?

We review the sci-fi epic that launched a thousand think pieces.

Comedy Festival picks from the best and brightest Kiwi comedians

Not sure what to see? We asked the experts.

How to save The Bachelor NZ from intolerable mediocrity

Six easy steps to bring the bach back from the dead

Women About Sound: The practical workshops helping women make music

We talk to Jess Haugh of Scarlett Lashes about giving female musicians the tools to create in a male-dominated industry.

What does Lorde's Liability remind you of?

Having trouble putting your finger on it? Here are some possibilities...

So This Happened: The women helping women tell stories of everyday sexism

We talk to Maha Albadrawi and Lucy Zee, the brains behind TVNZ’s new web-series So This Happened, about why women’s stories need to be told.

Has Green Light got what it takes to win over these Lorde sceptics?

Let’s find out.

Six things to help you digest the delicious meal that is Lorde’s Green Light

Everyone’s favourite former-teen is back and thank god she’s not build ups.

Video premiere: Gareth Thomas 'Weird Fever'

Gareth Thomas unveils the new video for his song ‘Weird Fever'.

'European' campus club rejects claims of racism

Facebook images have students concerned about the group's motives.

J. Cole fans are really upset with Ticketmaster

Fans are reporting tickets selling out in seconds - only to appear moments later on a re-sale site for five times the price.

Kiwis win big at the Oscars!

We did it guys!

Is The Project ready to save the current affairs show?

It's news delivered *differently! (*very, very quickly)

Seven things we learned from Max Key’s Woman’s Day interview

He’s a slippery fish but someone finally caught him. Here's what we now know.

Why you shouldn’t feel bad for loving Fifty Shades Darker

It’s the franchise that launched a thousand think pieces: but is Fifty Shades really as bad as they say?

Hot Brown Honey: The Rise and Rise of Hope One

We talk to Kiwi artist and beatboxing legend Matehaere Hope 'Hope One' Haami about her upcoming New Zealand double tour.

Split is goofy, glib and glorious

M. Night Shyamalan is back, baby.

Review: Laneway Festival 2017

Laneway makes a case for evolution, not creationism, in music festivals.

Our handy dandy guide to Laneway Festival 2017

What you need to know.

Why Casey Affleck’s alleged misdeeds matter when watching Manchester by the Sea

The film and its performances are undeniably excellent. So why doesn’t Manchester by the Sea’s star deserve an Oscar?

Why Kiwis are joining the Women’s March

Ahead of Saturday's Women's March on Washington, Cindy Buell of the Auckland chapter tells us what the global movement means to New Zealand.

Young Thug no longer coming to Laneway

But What So Not is!

Why did women only speak 27 percent of the dialogue in 2016’s biggest films?

We know words. We know the best words! So why aren’t we saying them in movies?

Who has said the stupidest thing (so far) in the Mad Butcher race debacle?

All it took was one old man saying something stupid to start an avalanche of people saying stupid things. But which one is the stupidest?

This poet flips the script on being racially-profiled by Customs

We thought Mohamed Hassan’s poem was so good, we made a video with him.

Passengers tries to sell a horror movie as a love story

Passengers is the new sci-fi blockbuster with a twist but, writes Katie Parker, it’s not as advertised.

Diary of a Most Days Feminist

Deputy Prime Minister Paula Bennett has revealed that she is a feminist “most days”. And isn’t that enough?

Doing it for the 'gram: Is social media the end of fashion?

Visiting fashion academics Dr Jana Hawley and Dr Andrew Reilly on selfies, seasons and saying goodbye to fashion as we know it.

What's your favourite Kings Arms memory?

The legendary music venue has been sold. We asked some of its most devoted punters to look back on their best and craziest Kings Arms experiences.

In LA, there are no tall poppies

We talk to the creators of Sitting Room Only, a doco series charting the lives of New Zealand women chasing their Hollywood dreams.

Stan - what are you doing?

An open letter (of sorts) to beloved angel and popstar Stan Walker about the huge mistake he is about to make.

A history of Auckland’s slogan identity crisis

Why can't Auckland come up with a decent slogan?

Will Aaradhna's speech change the NZ Music Awards?

Aaradhna rocked the Vodafone Music Awards with her amazing speech about racism and the Urban/Hip hop Award. Today we speak to the guy in charge of the awards about whether there are going to be any changes.

Our guide to the NZ Music Awards

Chaos reigns but the show must go on.

What we know so far about the Hanmer Springs earthquake

Brace yourself.

Why Chlöe Swarbrick is sticking with politics

"If I can lend my skills to a positive change then, yeah, I’ll do it."

Fairly good news from the very bad week

The political world may have gone up in flames, but for pop culture it was another week in paradise.

The Singles Life: Onehunga to the maximum

SWIDT. Hopefully you know the name by now. If not, now’s the time to get up to speed.

The Singles Life: Are Brooke Fraser’s greatest hits behind her?

Brooke Fraser’s transition from piano chanteuse to pop princess is going at a glacial pace.

The Singles Life: Views from the GC

They may have defected to the Gold Coast but the spirit of Kiwi ingenuity is strong with these cabaret singing, Drake covering, reality TV veterans.

The Singles Life: Bic Runga’s second coming

One has to wonder: why are we commemorating an artist still in their prime?

The Singles Life: Can a rebrand redeem Willy Moon and Natalia Kills?

They’re back and seeking redemption with a brand new act.

The Singles Life: The sweet relief of Kimbra’s comeback

Kimbra is back and better than ever. But did she wait too long?

The Singles Life: Silver Scrolls emergency edition

The Silver Scrolls are back for another year, so we decided to do some judging of our own.

The First Monday In May: high fashion through the looking glass

The First Monday In May sees cultural tensions swept under the rug in exchange for the kind of red carpet porn you can only dream of.

The Singles Life: Is this the NZ music video of the year?

Rei may be that most feared and sinister thing – a Wellington rapper – but we mustn't hold that against him.

Love is dead: An emotional guide to the Brangelina bombshell

Brad Pitt and Angelina Jolie were the greatest Hollywood power couple of their generation. And now they’re over.

The Singles Life: In Stan We Trust

NZ's top 40 chart is looking pretty dire. Is Stan Walker's latest summer jam what we need to turn things around?

Did we really need another Blair Witch film?

Blair Witch might suffer from the inevitable comparison to its predecessor, but in the year of the reboot, it isn't dead in the water.

The Singles Life: We’ve found New Zealand’s Calvin Harris

We push the buttons on the new song from producer Ryan Enzed, New Zealand’s answer to Calvin Harris.

The Singles Life: Bow down to Parris Goebel

Everyone knows Parris Goebel for being our very own superstar choreographer, but did you know she’s got a burgeoning music career in the works?

Bad Moms: Another half-assed female-driven comedy

These mums aren't bad, just mediocre.

The Singles Life: Who the hell is Graham Candy?

If his record label is to be believed, Graham Candy is about to become NZ's next big export. Hussein Moses and Katie Parker attempt to figure out the appeal.

War Dogs isn’t the movie you’ve been sold

But that's not exactly a bad thing.

The Singles Life: Video killed the reality TV star

Welcome to The Singles Life, where we peruse, ponder and pontificate on the latest and (maybe) greatest in New Zealand music.

We need to talk about how bad Suicide Squad is

Yes, it’s as hideously incoherent as you’ve heard.

A sight for sore eyes: why watching the Olympics is a win for women

The Olympics are a radical season of sport watching, which gives our rugby-obsessed little country other things to think about for a change, writes Katie Parker.

Paterson and the fine line between innocence and naivety

White guy character studies are dime a dozen, but NZIFF entry Paterson manages to avoid a bevy of the classic pitfalls.

Personal Shopper doesn't deserve your applause

NZIFF's Personal Shopper has all the hallmarks of a terrible film, writes Katie Parker.

In my father's (Australian) den

Antipodean angst and melancholy melodrama rule in the NZ International Film Festival’s Aussie drama The Daughter.

Monsters, actually

The NZ International Film Festival gets bleak and brutal with Green Room's realist take on the monster genre.

God forbid

Do religious young people watch less porn?

A NZ International Film Festival trailer breakdown

Concrete opinions based on the most tangible evidence we have: trailers.

What your sext is really saying

You know when that hotline bling, that can only mean one thing.

Review: Tickled

Tickled finds humour in the absurd, but its subjects truly shine once David Farrier steps aside.

Choosing sides

In defense of the breaker-upper.

Review: Death Cab For Cutie at St James Theatre

Death Cab For Cutie deliver an unexpectedly fun and fast-paced Auckland show.

Review: The Hateful Eight

It might not be his best, but Quentin Tarantino's The Hateful Eight feels like his darkest release so far.

Film review: Spectre

In Spectre, James Bond has an origin story fit for a marvel superhero. Unfortunately, it ends up feeling tacked on, unnecessary and cynical.

Film review: The Martian

Ridley Scott, on the back of a slew of disappointments, is rolling the dice once again with the release of space epic The Martian

The X Factor NZ 2015: Top 10 moments

A new X Factor star has been born. Let's celebrate the long, painful labour that led us here.

The X Factor NZ: The end begins

In one week our X Factor hatchlings will be ready to fly the nest. Will they soar? Or will they plummet like the flightless kiwis they are?

The X Factor NZ: Hold back the tears

Steve Broad is finally, mercifully, set free.

The X Factor NZ: Back to black

Misogynistic jokes, the emergence of heartthrob Beau and Steve Broad's deeply troubled personal brand.

The X Factor NZ: A love triangle

This week's recap + a very serious examination of the sexy emotions that are running high on The X Factor NZ.

The X Factor NZ: Bad Blood

A double elimination brings a harrowing ordeal of shock and dread.

The X Factor NZ: Enter the void

If developing these contestants into marketable singers is the aim, why do they seem so anonymous?

The X Factor NZ: That summer feeling

Improvements have been made, true contenders are emerging and Dominic Bowden only grows in power.