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Julian Vares is a film-maker based in Christchurch. When he's not selling his soul making corporate videos he can usually be found out and about shooting music videos and short films. Failing that, he's probably at home making burritos.

Content by Julian

Forget likes and shares, this is what helping really looks like

Children in slums, babies without limbs, and human trafficking. Christey West has seen the worst of it.

Why I'm studying in New Zealand

Three Indian students share their reasons for paying thousands of dollars to study in Aotearoa.

Inside the industry sending Indian students to New Zealand

Thousands of Indian students come to study in New Zealand every year. The Wireless went to the source to find out why these young, ambitious people are coming to our shores.

Flocking Kiwis Singapore - Melanie Edmonds

Flocking Kiwis is a series about young New Zealanders living abroad and how they transition into life away from home.

Flocking Kiwis Singapore - Jordan Telfer

A look into how young New Zealanders transition into life away from home.

Flocking Kiwis Singapore - Anna Hamill

A look into how young New Zealanders transition into life away from home.

Flocking Kiwis: Henry Hargreaves

Henry Hargreaves' career as a photographer has taken off in New York. He explains why that couldn't happen in New Zealand.

Flocking Kiwis: Sam Blakelock

Sam Blakelock is a young New Zealander who has found his options wide open after winning the green card lottery.

Flocking Kiwis: Alaister Moughan

What life is like as a student in one of the most demanding and distracting cities in the world.

Flocking Kiwis: Emily Hartley-Skudder

Why relocate to a notoriously hard city to live in when you have a good thing going at home?

Down in rugby country

Megan Whelan and Julian Vares head along to Southbridge’s first rugby game of the season to see how important the local club is to a small community.

Life's a beach: A day in the sand

New Zealanders flock to the beach like the seagulls that plague it.

Back home with Yumi Zouma's Josh Burgess

On a fleeting visit back to Christchurch to open for Lorde on her New Zealand tour, Josh Burgess of Yumi Zouma explores the city he once called home.

Milestones of change

Chris Parker returns to Christchurch for his 24th birthday, and reflects on his home town's identity, as well as who he is in relation to it.

Getting home: Cycling Christchurch's dark streets

T’Nealle Joie thinks Christchurch is a perfect city for cycling. Videographer Julian Vares tagged along for her ride home.

Cathedrals of consumption

If Christchurch needs more shopping malls, what does this mean for the culture of the city?

Christchurch: The value of a city

Christchurch locals reflect on the destruction of the city's CBD, and how it has changed what they value in a city.