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When he isn't writing about film or television, Judah avidly watches it, discusses it and attempts to pen his own for the screen. He graduated from Victoria University with a Bachelor of Arts, majoring in Media Studies, and has yet to adjust his lifestyle.

He spends most of his time in sweatpants.

Content by Judah

Best things I saw on a screen in 2014

Film and TV reviewer Judah Finnigan shares his picks of 2014.

Movie review: Fury

Movie review: The Dead Lands

On paper, it seemed Toa Fraser's The Dead Lands would cap off a superlative year for NZ cinema.

Movie review: Sin City - A Dame to Kill For

Just shy of 10 years on Sin City, the sequel A Dame to Kill For shows precisely the same sour universe of misanthropy.

Housebound plays to the home crowd

The New Zealand premiere of horror-comedy Housebound was a "filmmaker's heaven", says director Gerard Johnstone.

Spectacle over creativity

Awards ceremonies are an exercise in public relations, not celebrating creative achievement, writes Judah Finnigan.

The NZIFF Diaries: Part VI

Tears, staggering scenery and "empathy magnet" dogs - Judah Finnigan wraps up the NZ Film Festival.

The NZIFF Diaries: Part IV

The second week of Judah Finnigan's film festival sees him grappling with Jean-Luc Godard's chopped and screwed cinema.

Ukraine is not a Brothel: Tangled in contradiction

Australian-born filmmaker Kitty Green got caught up in the "bold, beautiful, crazy" spirit of the Femen movement in Ukraine.

The NZIFF Diaries: Part II

Week two of the New Zealand Film Festival pushes a sleep-deprived Judah Finnigan entirely out of his comfort zone.

A year of Tuesdays

Judah Finnigan talks to filmmaker Sophie Hyde about 52 Tuesdays, which follows a year in the life of a teenage girl and her mother's gender transition.

The NZIFF diaries: Part I

Judah Finnigan forgoes a full eight hours' sleep and financial stability to catch the best of the New Zealand International Film Festival.

The internet's own

The Internet's Own Boy tells the story of Aaron Swartz, whose court battle and death highlight the dark side of the internet.

Embracing 3D printing

Right now, 3d printing is seen as little more than a geeky curiosity – but it has the potential to disrupt our entire industrial infrastructure.

The NZ Film Festival: The Wireless playbook

Ready your spreadsheets: Adam Goodall and Judah Finnigan pick their favourites of the film festival.

Jake: A team effort

The first feature from filmmaking collective Hybrid Motion Pictures, Jake is a self-assured debut. Just don't call it a film by Doug Dillaman.

Ambitions of The Normal Heart

HBO might have a reputation for nudity and gore, but it should be commended for its honest and challenging representations of sexuality.

An all-in final chapter of X-Men

Despite expecting to hate it, Judah Finnigan finds a lot to like in X-Men: Days of Future Past.

Roger Ebert - a life through film

Film Blogger Judah Finnigan speaks to film-maker Steve James about Roger Ebert and documentary making.

Transcript – Steve James

Judah Finnigan talks to award-winning filmmaker Steve James, director of Hoop Dreams.

Challenging the revolution: HBO strings up Silicon Valley

HBO's latest sends up start-up culture in Silicon Valley; Judah Finnigan asks if that's a worthy target.

Cannes you dig it? Yes, we Cannes!

Film bloggers Adam Goodall and Judah Finnigan are looking forward to the Cannes Film Festival. A lot.

Mad Men: The end of an era

Judah Finnigan on the series giving an amber-tinted portrait of the shattered American dream of the 1960s

The Lego Movie

The blockbusting action film for children, which also might just be the single biggest product-placement vehicle ever conceived.

Let's talk about sex: Von Trier's four-hour addiction opus

Judah Finnigan on the Danish director's latest provocative feature.

Made in his image: Aronofsky’s bold, ambitious Biblical epic

Judah Finnigan on Darren Aronofsky's biblical blockbuster Noah.

Mellow drama: George Clooney’s sleepy sensibility

Judah Finnigan on George Clooney's directorial credits to date.

Form and void: Why True Detective is essential viewing

Judah Finnigan reviews the HBO series True Detective.

Awards talk: Part two

Part two of Adam Goodall and Judah Finnigan's coverage of the 2014 Oscars.

Adam and Judah talk about the Oscars because of social expectation

Film bloggers Adam Goodall and Judah Finnigan begin their rundown of the 2014 Oscars.