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Jess mcallen

Jess McAllen is an Wellington-based freelance journalist who writes about social issues and pop culture.

Content by Jess

‘It just floors me that people could do that’

How a well-intentioned action can add to a family’s grief.

Does any political party have a good mental health policy?

It's an easy issue to campaign on, but hard to get right.

What the first person to lead the Mental Health Commission says about fixing the system

A call for action, not another review.

Under pressure: Mental health workers give their view of the crisis

The system has its flaws, but the unrelenting attention on a “broken” system is dangerous too.

Five suicide myths busted

More needs to be done to help those at risk, so let's get the facts straight.

How the discussion around suicide ignores crucial voices

Less talking, more listening.

Turned away in a crisis

New Zealand's suicide rate spiked again last year and those on the frontline - parents, friends and health workers - say more help is needed to prevent deaths.

Shining a light on the mental health system

Journalist Jess McAllen writes about the challenges she faced during her investigation and the reaction to her stories for #MentalHealthMatters.

Mental health patients are being locked up when they shouldn't be

Mental health services are supposed to avoid locking patients up in isolation - also known as seclusion. But it still happens.

An anarchist with a death wish

Suicide bombing is seen by most New Zealanders as a terrorist act that happens overseas. But 33 years ago, an anarchist punk blew himself up trying to destroy “New Zealand’s Big Brother”.

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