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Jamie Tahana is a reporter for Radio New Zealand News and the South Pacific service Radio New Zealand International.

Once described by Gareth ‘Gary’ Thomas as “RNZ’s worst reporter” and by science reporter William Ray and political reporter Craig McCulloch as “the greatest man to have walked the face of this earth”, Jamie spends most of his time as a reporter for the South Pacific service, Radio New Zealand International. It’s there that he covers things like Australia’s asylum seeker policy, arrest warrants being served on Prime Ministers, felonious governors, sorcery, fish and many other fascinating things.

But every now again out of interest – and financial necessity – Jamie surfaces to write pieces for The Wireless. His work has included being sent to the airport to pester Christmas travellers and to the Parachute Music Festival, as Wireless producer Elle Hunt put it, “for the lols”. After he wrote his piece, by pure coincidence, it was announced that the festival was not going to be held anymore.

Content by Jamie

Digging in the Parliamentary Library

Once a place where history was made, now it's a place where history is stored.

Meeting the Wainui whanau

Jamie Tahana reflects on the Wainuiomata he discovered while producing a documentary for The Wireless.

Wainuiomata: On the other side

For some outsiders, Wainuiomata has a reputation for dullness, crime and poverty. We find out what life is like for 20-somethings living there.

Contextualising violence, word for word

A play devised from interviews with violent offenders lays bare the tragic reality of a life of poverty and the impact of violence.

Anzac stories: Shrapnel and sacrifice

Jamie Tahana talks to war veterans at the Petone Working Men's Club ahead of Anzac Day.

Taking a leap into Parachute

Self-described agnostic Jamie Tahana spends the weekend exploring Parachute.

Making sense of our legal high law

The Psychoactive Substances Bill has been in force for six months. What effect has it had?

Adrenaline junkie: Riding for the buzz

Tim Bunckenberg has broken bones and “lost quite a bit of skin” as a result of his addiction to adrenaline.

Airport stories

Christmas Eve at the airport. First circle of hell, or genuine excitement?

Home when you have no home

The problem of youth homelessness is "bigger than a lot of people imagine".

Summer Star Trek

Performing Star Trek verbatim

Up close with Name UL

Name UL, a talented 17-year-old rapper, talks hip-hop, confidence and his new EP.

Building our cities up, not out

An environmentally-friendly response to the housing crisis.

Moving: A game of give and take

Cost-cutting design

Is Unitec’s decision to axe tutors and replace them with ‘industry professionals’ the right thing to do?