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Henry Oliver is a writer, critic and family-man. Previously, he was a solicitor, bar owner and band member.

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Popstrangers in strange territory

Popstrangers have been grappling with music industry pressures as they work through their rite of passage in London.

Loading Docs: Today

Shot over four days at a South Auckland rest home, Prisca Bouchet and Nick Mayow's Today shows the grim reality of aged care.

Loading Docs: Baba

The Director of Lorde's music video 'Royal' animates a mini documentary about his grandfather's Turkish heritage.

Loading Docs: Homing

What elements make up a home? Andrew Scott explores in this Loading Docs film.

Loading Docs: Stop/Go

Stop/Go is a cinematic snap shot of the Otago landscape focussing on Bernie, a road worker whose office boasts the best views available.

Loading Docs: The Road To Whakarae

Deep in the Urewera Ranges, Māori elder Beam Titoko puts on his best cowboy hat, digs out his old guitar and sings a song of home.

Loading Docs: Wayne

A snapshot of the life of Wayne, a Thames man with an intellectual disability who struggles to communicate.

Loading Docs: The Jump

As a kid, Alex Sutherland would visit his best friend’s house where there would be strange rubber rope all over the house. He didn’t know exactly what they were used for, but knew his friend’s dad did something that no-one else was doing.

Sherpa: Psychedelia in bloom

Sherpa frontman Earl Ho on psychedelia, concept albums and the uncertainty of the band's future.

Loading Docs: Queer selfies

Queer Selfies is a collection of video self-portraits from New Zealand’s queer community.

Loading Docs: Living like Kings

The Christchurch Earthquake devastated the city, but for a small group of homeless people disaster brought a taste of what it’s like to live like a king.

Auckland's architecture evangelist

Architect Nat Cheshire wants to remake New Zealand's biggest city.

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