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Elizabeth is a journalist from Wellington currently living in Melbourne. She would appreciate it if you tweet her puns @Eliz_Beattie

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‘They can’t keep taking away our rights in Australia’

A hike in uni fees is the latest knock for New Zealanders in Oz, with some uncertain about their future in what used to be known as the Lucky Country.

Home is where I want to be

Saying goodbye to home in Wellington and making another in Melbourne.

Live review: Finn Johansson, Vera Ellen and Slothmoth

Elizabeth Beattie headed along to Eyegum Music Collective's last show of the year.

Live review: Opposite Sex, Hans Pucket and Astro Children

Opposite Sex kicked off their North Island tour at Moon with Hans Pucket and Astro Children. Elizabeth Beattie was there to see how it went down.

When cancer hits below the belt

Cancer survivor Benjamin Hinch has a simple piece of advice for young New Zealand men - if you find a lump in your testicles, get it checked.

An unpredictable mix and match

Cramming together Auckland's creative community in the Basement Theatre for a five-day festival, the organisers wait tentatively for The Experiment to begin.

Finders Keepers: A modern fable

Shannon Whisnant likes a good deal, but when he bought a grill at an auction, he got an unexpected grisly bonus - a severed human foot.

Loading Docs: Tihei

Tihei Harawera stands at the Otara markets once a week with a sign and a stereo, offering to rap about a topic of the passers-bys choosing. Now he's the subject of a new Loading Docs​ film.

Inside the world of The Wolfpack

Not many people have literally chased after a story, but that’s exactly what Wolfpack director Crystal Moselle found herself doing.

Loading Docs: Fantasy Cave

Welcome to the strange and wonderful world of Fantasy Cave.

Loading Docs: Waihorotiu

The Waihorotiu Stream runs under Auckland's Queen St, but most people don't know about it. Louis Olsen and Frances Haszard explain why they want to change that.

Loading Docs: Wilbur Force

Larger than life former pro-wrestler Wilbur Force commands the screen and battles his ‘worst self’ in this Loading Docs film.

Loading Docs: Kusuda

Just as first-time directors Henry Oliver and Amber Easby set out to begin filming Kusuda, a cyclone threatened to end it all.

Loading Docs: Madness Made Me

Madness Made Me is a story about the mental health system with a positive outcome, says director Nikki Castle.

Live review: French for Rabbits and Fraser Ross

French for Rabbits and Fraser Ross provide the perfect antidote for a freezing Saturday evening.

Loading Docs: Dancing In The Dark

Inspired to make a short film, director Rowena Baines found the perfect story while at No Lights No Lycra.

Review: Ryan Adams and The Shining at Wellington Opera House

Ryan Adams and The Shining deliver an awe-inspiring show at the Wellington Opera House.

Deathgasm: An unapologetic gorefest

What do you get when you mix together heavy metal, humour, and horror? You get Deathgasm.

Loading Docs: Gina

Filmmakers Wendell Cooke and Jeremy Macey explore the issue of voluntary euthanasia in their new Loading Docs film, Gina.

Loading Docs: Please Open

Please Open invites the viewer to step into a visual exploration of Auckland’s Crystal Palace cinema.

Loading Docs: Conversations With Pets

Have you ever wondered what your pets think of you? Faye Rogers can answer your questions.

NZ International Film Festival: Top 10 must-see films

Our picks for the films you need to see at this year's New Zealand International Film Festival.

Review: Marlon Williams and The Yarra Benders at Bodega

Marlon Williams and The Yarra Benders deliver a joyous and memorable performance to a sold out crowd in Wellington.

Review: The Eversons at Innermost Gardens

A crowd undeterred by sideways rain packed out Innermost Gardens on Saturday night for The Eversons​, Nakey and Moses.

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