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Fringe profile

Charlotte Graham is a freelance journalist and writer who works for a non-profit. She’s mostly into comedy for the death jokes.

As a child, Charlotte dreamed of a job where she could read things uninterrupted all day and no one would tell her to stop asking questions. This one might be the closest she ever gets.

Charlotte has a degree from the New Zealand Broadcasting School and also studied at the University of Queensland. Her first radio job was on a show that played New Zealand music on an Australian radio station, which was met with surprisingly little hostility, possibly because the Australians had already decided that all the good bits belonged to them anyway. She began working at Radio New Zealand in 2006, having been a listener first for as long as she could remember.

In her spare time, Charlotte enjoys reading anything she can lay her hands on, writing, enjoying the beautiful New Zealand outdoors in ways that are neither physically strenuous nor at all risky, music, and long coffee outings with friends. She can translate Latin but can't cook or do basic maths, which is to say that her mother was right about everything.

Content by Charlotte

Paul F Tompkins: The undisputed king of podcasts

The internet tore down the walls of what entertainment was supposed to look like, and from the rubble, Paul F Tompkins emerged.

Live blog: Auckland Writers Festival

Ellen Falconer and Charlotte Graham with updates from the Auckland Writers Festival.

Comedy without conclusion

Eli Matthewson chats about how he's turned his upbringing into material for his latest stand-up comedy show.

Rose Matafeo is finally dead

Charlotte Graham speaks to an extremely sleep-deprived and stressed comedian, Rose Matafeo.

Out from a land down under

Charlotte Graham chats to Men at Work front man and hipster darling Colin Hay - and is surprised to discover he doesn't sound like a Queensland sheep farmer.

Comedy about the bigger picture

Lawyer-turned-comedian Andrew Watts chats to Charlotte Graham about feminism, angry jokes and being to shy for stand up.

The reluctant performer

Meet comedian and actor Cori-Gonzalez-Macuer: angry at the world and taking meetings.

A rape joke walks into a comedy festival

Comedian Adrienne Truscott's show is a "boozy walk through some of the things that we might lazily think about when we think about rape in our culture".

Alan Davies: 'I'm quite interested to see what I do next'

After a decade off, comedian/actor/writer is back on the stand-up circuit.

Ed Byrne: 'My stand-up slayed nine men'

Charlotte Graham chats to comedian Ed Byrne about growing up, anoraks, and the euphemistic-sounding Munro-bagging.

Mocking the news with Andy Zaltzman

Failed sports journalist turned comedian on the news, satire, and his beloved English cricketers.

Amanda Palmer on learning to let people help

Amanda Palmer's career has been both trailblazing and controversial. Now she has written a book about asking for help.

Cary Elwes' Inconceivable Tales of The Princess Bride

What would The Princess Bride have been like if it were made now? Charlotte Graham speaks to Cary Elwes.

Speaking truth to comedians

Good can come out of comedians taking their craft into disturbing territory – and overseas audiences are willing to follow them into the dark.

Making light of anorexia

Charlotte Graham talks to two artists addressing their battles with anorexia at this year's Edinburgh Festival Fringe.

Welcome to Night Vale

In this fictional desert town, all conspiracy theories are real, and a five-headed dragon runs for mayor.

Death at the Fringe

Charlotte Graham speaks to comedian Robyn Perkins about the Edinburgh Fringe, death, comedy, and not getting enough sleep.

Finding comedy in the awkward, awful, and political

Charlotte Graham speaks to comedian Sara Pascoe about forgoing toilet jokes for philosophical humour.

Promise and promiscuity: A romp with Jane Austen

Penny Ashton's Austen-inspired comedy show finds her armed with good fortune, a blushing countenance and a superior wit (you know... for a girl).

Comedy Festival madness

Vulnerability, honesty, and the long dark night of the soul make for great art – and great comedy. Charlotte Graham talks to Eamonn Marra.

Talking with Granddad

Comedian Tom Wrigglesworth drew inspiration for his latest show, Utterly at Odds with the Universe, from his relationship with his grandfather.

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