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Anthonie Tonnon is a musician and performer originally from Dunedin. He works in multiple parts of the country and abroad, and has made some features for Music 101 on RNZ and The Wireless.

Content by Anthonie

A music scene is built by a community. Why should it be hushed by a few noise complaints?

Communities hushed.

Stages: The Yot Club

Anthonie Tonnon visits The Yot Club in Raglan, a popular venue where locals mix with out of towners, touring bands and international visitors in close quarters.

Stages: The Wine Cellar

Visit a subterranean venue that has hosted many first gigs for alternative and underground musicians in Auckland.

Stages: Leigh Sawmill

Anthonie Tonnon visits the Leigh Sawmill Cafe, an industrious venue that grew from the remains of an industrial icon.

Stages: The Mussel Inn

The waiting list to play The Mussel Inn is almost a year long. Anthonie Tonnon travels to Golden Bay to visit one of New Zealand's most desirable stages.

Dunedin's new pop underground

We meet some of the new generation of musicians who are shaping a resurgent Dunedin music scene.

Dictaphone Blues: Letting colour in

Dictaphone Blues' Eddie Castletow remembers school mufti days as a time when he could let his "freak flag fly a little bit".

Fazerdaze: Made in the bedroom

Anthonie Tonnon talks with Fazerdaze about her debut EP, and her instinctive approach to finding a sound.

Stages: Mighty Mighty, progressive promoting

Mighty Mighty introduced a new business model for the band circuit in New Zealand and provided a connection between the islands for small time touring artists.

Stinky Jim gives up some records

One of New Zealand's best known DJs decided to ditch some of his collection at the Auckland Record Collectors' Fair.

Ha the Unclear's musical journey

Ha the Unclear's Michael Cathro has overseen a long migration with his project - from Dunedin to Ireland, and finally to Auckland.

Emily Edrosa learns a few new tricks

Emily Edrosa has overcome writer's block and internet addiction. She talks about her new solo EP with Anthonie Tonnon.

Rockquest and Pacifica Beats: A first big step

For teenage rock and pop musicians, there are two major national events on the calendar – Smokefreerockquest and Smokefree Pacifica Beats.

Ron Gallipoli's series of experiments

Learning how to sing in a way that feels honest has taken years for Ron Gallipoli.

Jonny Be Good

When a serious car accident put session drummer Jono Wilson in a coma, his friends in the music world banded together.

Wet Wings: Music in shared custody

Darian Woods and Lucy Botting from Wet Wings broke up, but they kept the band going.

Stages: Leaving a Mighty legacy

In a series on New Zealand's most talked about venues, Anthonie Tonnon visits Wellington's Mighty Mighty as it prepares to close.

Stages: The Cabana, on the old circuit

In a series about the most talked about places to see music, Anthonie Tonnon goes to the legendary The Cabana in Napier.

Stages: 'Nice people only' at Wunderbar

In a series about the most talked about places to see music, Anthonie Tonnon goes to Lyttelton's Wunderbar.

Stages: Catching up at the Kings Arms

In our series about the most talked about places to see music, Anthonie Tonnon goes to Auckland's Kings Arms.

Stages: A way out alternative

Anthonie Tonnon on New Zealand’s most talked about places to see music. Today he covers the country's small town venues.