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Amber Craig lives and breathes technology, and is an avid gamer.

Amber Craig lives and breathes technology, and is an avid gamer. She is passionate and gets excited about shiny things. Amber’s day job is in technology in a large organisation.

Content by Amber

Apps an assault on battery

Is your smartphone still losing battery life too quickly? I have a few more tips to try extend the life of your battery...

The fibre journey

Here’s to all installs going this well ...

Board game buzz

Whether it’s hurling pseudo abuse at each other in a competitive game or teaming up to beat a board game.

Games I've been playing

It took me approximately 30 minutes to not be shot in the head without killing anyone.

Getting more fibre

Given the internet age, we have so many devices in our households that all expect connectivity.

Tech the Halls, Part II

Crowdsourcing your geeky Christmas shopping. It's not too late!

Tech the Halls

I totally want one of these to turn my coffee machine on from bed.

A trip down memory arcade

I spent enough money in arcades during my youth to have purchased my own machine...

Games I've been playing

I thought I would share with you all some of the games I’ve played recently ...

Console Wars

November is the month for the next generation console war.

Battery life

How do you save that precious juice you need before you head home?

The new age of addiction

Would you like to purchase the game to continue playing?

Love for the games

I have fond memories of playing games like Alley Cat, Police Quest...

Simple security tips... and cake

Is your phone password the same as your bank PIN? That's less than ideal...

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