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Amanda Fisher is the Special Correspondent at the Khaleej Times newspaper in Dubai, where she has spent a bewildering one and a half years, starting out as Deputy Chief Reporter.

 Amanda grew up in Nelson, studied journalism at Massey University after wasting four years on a law degree, and worked at The Dominion Post and Radio New Zealand in Wellington, before hunting out warmer weather and better kebabs.

Content by Amanda

Ambassador in the desert

Amid the dunes of the United Arab Emirates, Tumanako Seymour is bringing touch rugby, taiaha and tu meke yarns.

The moment I 'got' Dubai

Journalist Amanda Fisher says every expat living in Dubai comes to a special moment she calls the "Point of Adjustment".

All that glitters: Expat life in Dubai

Amanda Fisher talks to young New Zealanders seeking their fortune in the desert playground of Dubai.

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