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Alexander Robertson is a freelance videographer and photographer. Currently based in Wellington, he originally hails from a town he affectionately calls "Palmy-dise".

Content by Alexander

An award fit for a Queen

Tabby Besley is honoured by the Queen for her work with queer and trans* young people.

Signing on for the beat

As a kid, Luke Ronaki never imagined he'd join the police force. Now he's on the beat and armed with a valuable tool.

Vox pops - Should NZ join the fight against IS?

Views on whether or not New Zealand should join the fight against Islamic State.

Wainuiomata: On the other side

For some outsiders, Wainuiomata has a reputation for dullness, crime and poverty. We find out what life is like for 20-somethings living there.

Vox pops: What would you change in the world?

No one claims the world is perfect. If you could change one thing in the world, what would it be?

Vox pops: How to get more people voting?

Not knowing, not understanding and not caring are some of the reasons people opt not to vote. Is it possible to change the trend?

Vox pops: Are you worried about being spied on?

Is mass surveillance a violation of privacy or does it help keeps us safe? Views on the claims from Glenn Greenwald and Edward Snowden.

New Zealand's haves and have-nots

Will discussion of inequality sway your vote in this month's general election?

Why Vote: Christchurch

We ask people on the streets of Christchurch central if they're planning to vote - and what matters to them.

Spicing up the election campaign

Alleged dodgy dealings in government have dominated the media this week.

A constant stream of opinions

The quality of New Zealand's rivers is shaping to be an election issue – what do you think?

Under the influence: Rugby in the blood

Tom Taylor doesn't have any brothers to play rugby with, so as a boy he'd drag his father down to the park.

Under the influence: Leading the way

Thomas Loftus hopes his determination will take him to the Special Olympics in Los Angeles next year.

Under the influence: A helping hand

Jake Carlson used to call the ambulance service for help when his mother was suffering with cancer. Now he volunteers alongside the same people who helped his mum.

Who's your team?

Half a world away from Brazil, hundreds of football fans gathered to revel in World Cup glory. Here's what some of them had to say.

Are you voting?

The Wireless asks Wellingtonians if they're planning to vote in this year's election.

New way, new life, new home

Three refugees share stories of how their lives have been changed by moving to New Zealand.

#bringbackourgirls rally

Rallies have been held across New Zealand in a show of solidarity for the 200 schoolgirls kidnapped by an Islamist militant group in Nigeria last month.

The Quiet Volume: Written and whispered words

Exposing the “strange magic” in the experience of silent reading.

Photo essay: Playing in numbers

Clubs activities outside of work or school are a good way to get to know people you wouldn't meet otherwise.

The Quiet Volume: Written and whispered words

The Quiet Volume aims to expose the “strange magic” in the experience of silent reading.

More than the groove

The Wireless talks to vinyl junkie Jeremy Taylor about his love of records.

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