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Te Wiki o Te Reo Māori: Food

Wednesday 29th July 2015

Te Wiki o Te Reo Māori - Māori  Language Week - is being celebrated this week. If you want to learn a few phrases to get you started, look no further.

Today we're focusing on food. Next time you’re out, why not try some of these sentences?

Kei hea te kai? - Where’s the food?

He rārangi kai hua whenua tāhau - Got a vegetarian menu?

Hōmai te whīnaki tomāto e hoa - Tomato sauce please.

Hamupaka tīhī combo - Hamburger combo.

Reka rawa - Delicious.

Kua kī te puku - I’m full.

He aha te utu? - How much?

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“Hi, it's 'kei hea te kai?' not 'kei hea te i te kai?'” — Anna Sutherland

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Anna Sutherlandover 2 years ago

Hi, it's 'kei hea te kai?' not 'kei hea te i te kai?'