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On The Dial: Episode 14

Wednesday 11th March 2015

Welcome to On The Dial. This week, we celebrate International women’s day, we look at scarfie culture, hear from comedian Andy Zaltzman, and brew our first beer.


“If feminism is a religion, then Roxane Gay is its freshest, funniest prophet,” wrote the Sydney Morning Herald this weekend, ahead of her talk at the Sydney Opera House at the weekend.

Her book of essays Bad Feminist, looks at pop culture, violence, but most of all, the contradiction between proudly calling oneself a feminist, and wanting to wear heels and red lipstick. Megan Whelan bonds with her over the Hunger Games, not being perfect, and how men can be involved in feminism.

To mark International Women’s Day, Megan also speaks to three young women about what feminism means in New Zealand in 2015.


Next week the Hyde Street Keg Party hits Dunedin in all its boozy glory. It’s an annual student event where thousands gather on the street to dress up and drink. Last year, all 3500 tickets to the event sold out in less than two minutes.

Over the past few years, the party has been plagued with troubles – fires, arrests and injuries. Dunedin some students say it’s all part of the University of Otago experience but increasing pressure from Dunedin residents and the council could see tougher restrictions in place to curb dangerous behaviour, not just on Hyde Street, but all over the student quarter. Mava Moayyed went to Dunedin to check out whether “scarfie” culture is alive and well or on its last legs.


If you believe most advertising, women who brew, work in the beer industry, or just like to drink it, are few and far between. Megan joins 12 women brewing a beer for International Women's Collaboration Brew Day. The idea of the day is to raise money and awareness for an organisation called Pink Boots, which advocates on behalf of women working in the beer industry.


In these ISIS and Putin-filled times, the problem for satirists the world over isn't finding news to make jokes about. The problem's making it funny.

Charlotte Graham  talks to one half of satirical news podcast The Bugle, Andy Zaltzman, about the difficulty of some of the things he's asked to satirise. He's  touring the show Satirist for Hire, which has already visited Auckland and Christchurch, and will be on in Wellington this Sunday.

 On the Dial was produced by Megan Whelan, with technical production by Marc Chesterman and assistance from Mark Cubey and NZ on Air. Our music was composed and performed by Eddie Johnston, and the cover image was made by Hadley Donaldson

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