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On the Dial: All the awards

Wednesday 28th January 2015

This week in On The Dial we ask if work to get out the youth vote paid off, we’re looking ahead to next month’s Oscars, the tale of two motor bikes from Finn Teppett, and we’re at Auckland’s Laneway festival.

In the process of a lot of reporting on the youth vote, we found that it’s not really how to vote people have trouble with, it’s why. So we asked activists, academics and politicians how they would like to convince people why it matters in the next three years. (One way: submit to the select committee looking into it.)

Sam Wicks interviews FKA Twigs

Olivia Young

We speak to Tabby Besley about her many award nominations and her work with queer youth. Finn Teppett tells us the story of his two motorbikes and the quest to fix them.

We’re at Laneway, where Sam Wicks speaks to FKA Twigs. You can hear more about Laneway on Sunday on Radio New Zealand National – Music 101 will have an hour-long special between 4-5pm.

And Adam Goodall and Judah Finnigan on the Oscars – who’s a shoe in, and who should have been a contender

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