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Why there should be nowhere ‘Beyond the Beehive’

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Jared12 months ago

Can't the disengagement be seen as an indictment on how representative democracy actually disempowers people, rather than empowers? How dropping a ballot in a box every few years is not actually a productive or meaningful way to make change? If the peak of our collective power is voting, then that is not democracy; in fact, democracy is 'damaged' by limiting engagement to voting.

More direct forms of democracy can, and do, exist. Thinking about these not only opens space for meaningful engagement, it questions whether our current society truly meets the needs of the many, rather than privileging the few.


Chris Wharton11 months ago

I agree that is part of the problem of disengagement. If most youth learn that national voting is the be all and end all of democracy, that feels so abstract and irrelevant.
Civics education should start at the grass roots level. Involvement with community advocacy and lobby groups, local body politics, learning what the local council does. This could all be done from an early age. Actually letting kids have a meaningful say in how schools are run may be useful.
Although accusations of partisanship and indoctrination will probably follow.

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