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Why Māori need to be included in the drug law debate

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rasputinabout 1 year ago

What a load of self pitying claptrap. Maori and Pacifica have been behind the eight ball for so long now they have run out of excuses. It used to be colonialism, then it was racism, now it is the need for immersion schools, learning te reo Maori and the forcing of other students in general to learn how to do a haka etcetera.
Despite their much vaunted sea going navigational skills Maori and Moriori have no idea of where they came from but no matter for the Moriori for the genocide and cannibalism of that pacifist race was completed by Maori by about 1839.
Despite billions of dollars to enrich the iwi elite there is no change for the likes of Khylee Quince's nephew. I am getting too old for self pitying claptrap and now favour Don Brash's outlook of one country one people, no preferential treatment based on race and of course that is absolute anathema to Maori.


Ngawai Robinsonabout 1 year ago

Thanks for the opportunity Max, great article. AUT senior lecturer Khylee Quince offers a compelling response to the legalization debate.

My takeaway message to the Ministers: Develop an indigenous medicinal framework - United Nations Declaration on the Rights of Indigenous Peoples 2007. Draw together a special focus taskforce to prompt systemic change and provide an increased community programme of action.


yvonne about 1 year ago

Khylee Quince makes some very good points and encourages thinking from a wider perspective, esp in reference to 'sites of control' and familial role modelling. Thanks for bringing this out.


Fionaabout 1 year ago

Thank you so much for this interview. Very insightful and so good to build perspective on this issue. Need more of this.

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